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Captain or Fish

Lord of the Rings Online does continue to impress, because despite whatever minor quibbles I can come up with, there’s stuff like quest instances. Normally instances are reserved for groups in most games I’ve played.

I had been fighting over mobs with people for the previous half hour, whether it be birds, bushes, or rabbit carcasses, there was a lot of competition. About 4 or 5 other people. It was refreshing then to come across the next quest instance at Keledul. It sounded like a simple stealth mission, and I love those so I did not hesitate.

I slip past the first guard who appears to be asleep anyway, and cut left because I have absolutely no idea where I’m headed. It turns out it’s pretty much just a big square with canals and docks and buildings throughout. Apparently I’m not very stealthy at all because I immediately aggro a mob, and out of nowhere, something else comes at me from behind while I’m fighting. I’m completely unaware of where he came from but press on.

Quickly after that I find a quest chest for that Gear quest chain from Thorin’s Halls, I’m going on 5 gears now, back and forth from Thorins. It’s getting stupid. I have no other business back there except this guy.

I come to a stretch where there’s a guard ahead of me, a solid wall on the left, a canal on the right, a guard behind me, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re both patrolling my way. I leave it until the last second and dive into the canal. Every game I’ve ever played, nothing follows you into the water. Safe bet.

Just then the guards actually utter some dialogue. “Who’s splashing in the water there! Identify yourself!” My eyes go wide. Tricksy Turbine Hobbits. I swim away as fast as I can, but soon realize there is no pursuit. Breathing a sigh of relief I continue onward.

I have to swim around a lot. I can’t find a way up, I skipped an early stairway out so I could scout out the fortress, but now I’m just swimming around. I actually find my quest objective this way, a prisoner who needs to be freed, but I can’t get to him. He’s on a boat. I’m Nemo.

I circle around and find an escape, then backtrack toward the boat. I find a bridge to get over there but a guard has a very short patrol route on the other side, the timing is important, because there’s also a guard on this side with a longer route. I keep worrying about aggro and yup, I aggro them both because I wait too long.

Suddenly, not only have I aggro’d two guards, but each has spawned another Dourhand. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I think there’s at least 4 maybe 5 of these guys and I doubt I can take them all, so I run. I run like the cowardly dwarf I am straight for the prisoner hoping upon hope that the quest completes when I talk to him.

The quest did not complete when I talked to him.

At first I think, oh that’s okay, 2 vs 4 or 5 isn’t so bad. Then another patrol guy gets aggro’d and he doesn’t spawn anything, but the quest dude does, a mini-boss.

I’m the fuck out, peace.

Rats leaving a sinking ship. I jump in the water, because they don’t follow you in the water, right? Wrong. All of these guys jump in after me except the mini-boss who moments later, kills the friendly npc. Moments pass and I think I’m going down too if these guys don’t stop chasing me.

The instance resets. Lucky break. Now knowing where I have to go and what I have to do, I jump back in again and finish it off within minutes. All in all one of the more fun moments I’ve had in LOTRO so far.

Compare that to my immediately following experience of having to quest in the same non-instanced area. I was trying to snag treasure boxes inside the fort. Tricky business because for the most part it’s very easy to aggro more than one mob. I’m in there killing away, I only have 2 more to get. Suddenly 2 guys run up behind me having followed my path of killed midgets. They head straight for the treasure box I’m after. I’m stuck killing stuff while they’re taking advantage. Fun times.


  1. Cool, probably a dwarf quest because I’ve never come across this. Sounds really fun though, the way you put it!

    And interesting that you’ve been having competition. I usually see a few others questing here and there, but never to the point where I start having to compete for quest mobs.

    • Yeah it was one of the first times I’ve had to compete for anything, in lotro. I think it was just the time of day and coincidence.

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