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Wish I Could Fold Up The Back Cover

I’ve been hearing about an unofficial Guild Wars magazine by the fans for months now. First from Shaun who was initially involved but backed out, and then on the Guru2 forums. I don’t normally follow online magazines, outside of maybe The Escapist, so I wasn’t really interested.

They just released their first issue though and I thought I’d at least give them the courtesy of a read through.

It’s in PDF form, and a quick download from It’s got a few well known forum presences writing and contributing for them, and at about 32 pages long it’s not an insubstantial read.

The first thing I notice, and probably it’s best feature, is the design. It really is a well done and good looking magazine. From the articles to the artwork and screenshots collected and put to print, so to speak, it’s all more impressive than I had thought it would be.

The writing is sometimes good, sometimes bad. You can’t expect perfection from fan writers, so I’m not going to come down hard on them for this, particularly when it’s clear English is not the first language of some of the writers.

The best articles, like the interview with Designer Ree Soesbee, are interesting and captivating. Soesbee specifically is probably the most interesting thing in the issue. He goes over a lot of Guild Wars 2 lore and there is actual new lore information to be had here.

That’s also probably the biggest drawback to the magazine. It centers heavily on the lore of Guild Wars. Most of the articles are about lore. Which is fine I guess, but already being a fan of their lore, I’m already familiar with much of what the magazine has to say.

There are a few non-lore related articles about, the economy, a couple youtube videos, a joke page. There’s plenty of potential to take the magazine in a lot more different directions though and I hope they do. Good luck guys.



  1. Hey Hunter,

    Thanks for putting this up, greatly appreciated!
    I can asure you that for our next issue we’ll have a few native English people as editor before the final release. We’ll also have some more varied content for the next issue so all of your points are being taken care of! 🙂


    Dutch Sunshine

    • Good to hear. Always nice to see GW fan projects

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