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I got a little bored yesterday and with all the recent Guild Wars 2 hype I started thinking about all those armour sets I wanted to put in my Hall of Monuments. My guess is that by adding armour to the monument, you’ll be able to craft that skin for your characters in Guild Wars 2.

Armour in Guild Wars works a little different. The game isn’t gear based, armour doesn’t drop off top bosses creating cut throat end game guilds who grind out end game dungeons. Even the cheapest max level armour you can get is equivalent to the most expensive. The rarest green or gold weapon is equivalent to the most common. With a few caveats of course.

In any case, there are two types of armour. Prestige and standard. Only prestige can be added to your HoM. I have 4 types already added. Asrua, Obsidian, Canthan, and Kurzick. I’ve had other elite armours but got rid of them before the HoM was announced. Gladiator and Geomancer.

This all led me to the question of what I should add. I had never bought my Necromancer any elite armour, and immediately began looking into that. Now there’s about 34 different sets of armour your Necro can wear, 16 of which are Prestige. Since HoM achievement are valid across characters, that leaves 12 to choose from. I’ve narrowed that down to three and want your opinion.

So what do you think? The Primeval is about as flashy and well, lets just say fabulous as Guild Wars armours get. The Necrotic is about as similar to my Necro’s current armour as possible, which I like. The Luxon is somewhere in the middle. I honestly don’t have much preference for any of these, it was hard narrowing it down this far. Which one do you guys think I should go with?



  1. Its a hard choice, as they are all a bit boring to me. My wife thinks the 3rd one is a human fish, but its the one i like the most.

    • it is very fishy, and I’m kind of leaning towards it because out of every armour in GW its one of the most strange and unique. I don’t necessarily like it for any other reason.

  2. The primeval looks the most stupid. I’m with Melski’s wife there.
    Pure looks-wise the Luxon would be my favourite, but I don’t like them pirates. 😉
    I’d go with necrotic.

    • I admit it does look stupid, the other two are kind of a toss up between them for me.

  3. Luxon!
    And not because I’m on their side.

    • I’m sensing bias. It is because you’re on their side isn’t it?

      • You should remove the name of each armor so our choices will not be effected by biases!

  4. I don’t have any of these three for my Necro, mostly because I like some of the other Necro armors. Of the three you posted, I prefer Luxon, then Necrotic, then Primeval. The first I seriously considered for my own Necro, despite my allegiance to Kurzick, because it looks the best of the three. Necrotic is less flashy and more suited to personal taste. Primeval is just way too flashy in my opinion. If I encountered that Necro in battle I’d laugh at him faster than I’d fear him.

    My elites include Kurzick (blue), Norn (red), Cabal (white, like bone), Cultist (silver), and Asuran (white). I will have a set of Obsidian when I win the GW lottery.

    • you gotta admit though, the primeval is one of the most unique sets in guild wars for any profession. can you name a more memorable set?

      Are those sets just for your necro? or all different characters?

      • Just for my Necro. He’s my primary. I have ideas for my Ele as well, but she’s still a wee baby and I’m still broke, so it’ll be a while before I can afford to get nice armor for her.

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