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The Very Model of a Scientist Salarian

I finished up Mass Effect 2 after a marathon playing session. It really is a great game. I was surprised by the finish, maybe not for the right reasons, but it was satisfying, and if there was an expansion I’d buy it. Spoilers ahead.

Normally in Bioware games I do terribly in fully getting to know all my companions. Sometimes failing to really flesh out their stories and get their quests. This time around, after so recently having played Dragon Age and missing out on some things there, I knew I would take the time to do it right.

I did it all wrong. Well, maybe not all wrong. I got the loyalty of the vast majority of my characters, and they force you to choose some characters over others which is fair enough I suppose. I did run into some problems though.

When I was doing Grunt’s loyalty mission, I must have done something wrong. I owned the Thresher Maw, and officially had his loyalty via Team Status and could change his look, but unofficially I couldn’t use his unlockable skill.

Zaeed is kind of a jerk. He wanted me to ditch how many innocent human beings so he could get revenge? Screw that, no loyalty from him.

After completing Jack’s dossier, I pretty much immediately got it on with her. Friends with Benefits. It was a physical thing. After I completed her loyalty mission though, you have to decide between her and Miranda, and since I’d already tasted Jack’s goods (thank you Bioware for turning me into a total sleaze bag, also men don’t buy the cow when they get the milk for free ladies) I chose Miranda so I could get some afternoon delight. Never quite got my Paragon up high enough to regain Jack’s loyalty though.

I left Legion to the very end, having done all the dossiers and loyalty missions previous to him. I went to the derelict Reaper, picked up Legion, and had already done virtually every assignment and mission, so following that I did his loyalty mission. Immediately after gaining his loyalty, I lost it again. Tali is just too awesome, plus, I was considering knocking boots with her.

Okay so there I was, nothing but storyline left to do, time for a marathon session. I wasn’t quite expecting the collectors to show up and kidnap the crew, then again, how did I not see that coming when every single companion and you jump in a tiny ass shuttle and leave town? Could they not have come up with something a little better? A plausible reason to fit that many people in a car sized shuttle? Clown cars!

Omega 4 relay, collector base, you’re asked to pick a companion to do something dangerous. My mind goes immediately to Alenko in the first game, and I figure I’d better choose someone I don’t like. Legion is new, and you know, not alive depending on how you look at it, so I send him in.

Encountering surprisingly few problems, I managed to get through this portion all right. I hit all the blue buttons to get him through the tube. It was a bit of a tight squeeze to get to the very last one, but everything goes fine until I’m closing the big door and Legion takes a shot to the face! I made it through perfectly! He died!

Never did I realize this might be loyalty based, as I was rushing through things fairly quickly.

Then we find the crew and they need someone to take them back, knowing full well he could die, but not with certainty as I still wasn’t considering loyalty, I shoved Zaeed off to his death.

I’m moving through the collector base like gangbusters, I’ve set the difficulty to veteran, but I have enough upgrades (all of them really) to offset any difficulty. Everything is moving smoothly and I figure I won’t lose anyone else. So I pick Tali and Garrus to go with me, Tali because she’s freaking adorable, and Garrus because not only does he nicely offset Tali’s strengths with his own, but he’s also a favourite. I’ve picked Jack to do the biotic shield, Samara for the first diversionary team and Miranda for the second.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking Jack dies because I’m too stupid to figure out how everything is connected to loyalty. Well you’re wrong. Garrus died. I don’t even know why Garrus died. He was loyal, he’s not squishy, he didn’t fall in battle. Is it part of the storyline? Do the writers not know what to do with him anymore? He was loyal you bastards!

So at this point I’ve lost 3 people and I’m really really confused. I had started to realize it was based on loyalty until Garrus died. Jack was not loyal, but shouldn’t that mean she dies? Why does Garrus get eaten alive by angry bees?

I was also kind of scared. The uncertainty of what was coming next spooked me. I don’t like to change my decisions in games where decisions matter. Starting over wasn’t an option. I wanted to play the story out, but I didn’t want to lose any more people. I definitely didn’t want to lose Tali. Should I pick her for the final battle? Who should replace Garrus?

The Quarrians and the Krell are my favourite alien species. Screw it I thought, can’t lose anyone else. I grabbed Tali and Thane and what the fuck is that!? Seriously? A giant human Reaper? Seriously? I got to be honest. This game is awesome but I’m not playing Mass Effect 2 so I can play God of War. If I wanted to be Kratos I’d be Kratos. Sigh, moving past the giant campmobile, the actual fight wasn’t too bad. I concentrated on stabbing it in the eyes while my homies actually did a decent job of keeping the Collectors off me.

I did start to run out of ammo though and it was looking kind of desperate for a while. I had brought the Kain, the BFG that nukes the crap out of stuff, but when I had gotten it out, I had fired and missed. Facepalm. He moves around and dodges a lot! I Swear! I ran out of handgun ammo, submachine gun ammo, heavy weapon ammo and was scavenging assault rifle ammo off the ground to take him down. Sniper rifles are surprisingly effective though.

The big human reaper went down and Joker comms me that all survivors are aboard, while the cinematic shows me Jack’s dead body lying in a pile of blood. What the hell! She wasn’t in charge of anything at that point! I didn’t choose her for anything but the biotic field! God damn it!

I lost 4 good soldiers to Mass Effect 2. I’m not a very good commander, especially since all I ever seemed to think about is which woman to bang. Tali, btw.



  1. Awesome summary. For me, I lost Jacob and Grunt. Deaths are definitely tied to loyalty, but also their skills and whether or not you upgraded them, I think. Both Jacob and Grunt were loyal, but I think I just chose them for the wrong tasks (but Jacob VOLUNTEERED! wtf).

    I chose Jack and she and Miranda got into that cat fight, and wasn’t able to get enough points by the end to get her loyalty back either. She didn’t die, but when the game ended, she was no longer in her office. She ditched me, essentially. Luckily, I was able to diffuse the fight with Tali and Legion without pissing either of them off.

    And I hate Zaeed as well. I have my thoughts written on all the companions somewhere on my blog too, and for him I just pretty much go on a rant about how much he sucks.

    I just love how many endings and dialogue options you can get. I can spend all day on youtube just watching the different versions of events and funny conversations etc.

    My two favorites are the renegade reel

    And the ending where EVERYBODY dies

    Both are worth watching for shits and giggles.

    • I watched those videos, renegade one is pretty funny, as was the original mass effect one IIRC.

      I think it was glitched for me in some way. I think two of my guys, even though they were loyal, would not allow me to upgrade their special skills.

      the quest to get zaeed is effing terrible. you literally just pick him up like a chauffer.

      • I guess I expected too much from his DLC. The free DLC with the Dragon Age purchase, on the other hand, was unbelievable, and Shale was a great character. I expected somewhat the same quality with Zaeed, but was disappointed to see that he just stands there in his room and talks to you, not even a cut scene and dialogue options, etc. He’s not even that interesting as a character…ooh, an angry tough guy, how original.

        I told him to screw off initially too, but then went back to do his stupid quest again to let the factory people die just so I could get his stinking achievement.

        • Yeah I didn’t really like the firewalker stuff. The dialogue in the cargo bay wasn’t so bad, I mean, I guess, I liked when he spoke about his rifle and stuff, was a little underwhelmed by the trash system, but was impressed by the security camera peeping tom stuff.

          I wasn’t sorry to lose him or legion too much, but garrus and jack? that sucked.

        • I haven’t gotten around to getting the Firewalker DLC yet, I guess I should.

          • I don’t have an opinion on that.

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