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I guess Arenanet was concerned with some of the reactions they got to their flood of information. Most likely they knew that the revelation of a 10 slot skill bar and the loss of the companion system, coupled with questions about the Event System, professions, and whatever else might need to be addressed. So they’ve got a post on their blog entitled “Nine GW2 Follow Up Questions with [Surprise!] Eric Flannum“.

There’s only a few questions that interest me so I’ll just look at those.

I stopped reading Kotaku a long time ago, I find it to be overly sensationalistic and designed really badly as a website. Not to mention ugly, I hate the colors. None of that is my rabid GW fanboyism at work, it’s something I decided years ago.

I’d rather read Joystiq anyway.

Yet apparently when the Manifesto was released, they put out a story with the headline “Guild Wars 2’s Design Manifesto Details Anti-Social Social Enhancements“. I’m guessing that’s not the ideal headline for an MMORPG you’re trying to promote. Kotaku then tries to put a positive spin on it by saying “This system encourages cooperation without having to do the whole awkwardly meeting new people thing. It’s social and anti-social at the same time! I love it.”

I guess that’s how they try to get away with pissing all over something just so they can get more traffic. “We said we loved it! What more do you want?” How about not desperately attempting to be controversial? Kotaku, the National Enquirer of gaming news.

Okay that’s my fanboyism at work. When I really think about it, maybe they’ve got a point? There really isn’t an attempt to force people together. Then again most MMORPG’s don’t force people together unless it’s for instances or boss fights. The only thing really changing is you don’t have to compete for mobs or formally join up with someone. At least in persistent areas.  It’s more complicated than some stupid headline anyway.

Getting back to the follow up, my own personal delusional concern about loot distribution isn’t really addressed. They only say one thing about loot. “more forgiving rules on loot and XP distribution.” Doesn’t really enlighten me.

The rest of the follow up deals with fans concerned that GW2 is different than GW1. “Will people exploit the Event System?” “Will the skill system be as good as GW1?” “Will their be crafting?” “Will their be mean people in persistent areas?”

Are these really concerns people have? Grow some sack will yah?



  1. I found their reply to the crafting question intersting as I had assumed there was some form of crafting. However, from his answer it would appear that there isn’t any, nore is there any other form of wow-ish grind professions. I guess thats a good thing, id like them to come up with something a little more interesting than the non-combat stuff in GW. It was fun, the GW stuff, but not rewarding (i.e pointless).

  2. And yes most of the questions were trying to fight negativity. I think they’ve been reading too many forums where the worst of mankind comes out. I think most people are at least interested in the changes, and are hoping (and trusting) it’ll be for the better.

    • I’m pretty sure there is going to be crafting, I think they were just dodging the question. I’m pretty sure they’ve mentioned there will be crafting a couple of times.

  3. I’ll admit, while I don’t read Kotaku, the two or three articles from them that I’ve ever were quite amusing. Like you said, sensationalistic, but pretty fun in small doses.

    • yeah I can sympathize with trying to run a business, but, meh to sensationalism.

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