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Desert Cave

ObamaCare is a term used to describe Barack Obama’s push to give all Americans a suitable health care plan. It’s used with derision by his critics, focusing on the man himself instead of on the possible benefits to millions of people. It’s not a health care plan, it’s not a social program, it’s one man’s delusional master plan to ruin America.

It does sort of roll off the tongue though and when I first heard of Guild Wars 2‘s possible new loot system one of my first thoughts was, jokingly, ObamaLoot! Every person who participates significantly to a kill gets something.

Our formula can be a little complicated but it basically works like this; once a low threshold of damage has been reached by a player on a monster that player gets credit for the kill and will receive full experience and loot for killing that monster.

Another interesting thing is you don’t even have to be in the party.

When someone kills a monster, not just that player’s party but everyone who was seriously involved in the fight gets 100% of the XP and loot for the kill.


when the event ends, everyone gets rewarded.

I suppose it’s possible I’m completely misreading this, but, everyone gets the loot? Everyone gets that rare drop? Or do they just get the opportunity to maybe get it?

Loot always held a different place inside the Guild Wars universe anyway. Every drop is assigned randomly to a specific person on a 5 minute timer. At which point anyone can pick it up. Gold is split evenly amongst everyone in a group, including NPC Henchmen. Most loot of note were weapons, and even then only the Skin of the weapon was what was important. It was relatively easy to get a max damage weapon. In other games it wouldn’t be so simple.

In a normal MMO, you have to work with people to figure out who gets what. If one person is looting, they can be as greedy or as giving as they want to be. If Loot is set to dice rolling it’s all random. People do dungeons over and over again trying to get that one elusive piece of gear that never drops for them, or if it does someone else rolls on it and gets the item.

Moving forward with the idea that everyone gets the loot, what would change?

Guilds have been built and destroyed on the backs of looting systems. Dragon Kill Points are infamous. “THAT IS A 50 DKP MINUS!!@$” There’s a whole culture resting on the idea of some people getting loot while others don’t.

You know what? I think it’s kind of like the rush gamblers get. Especially when you’re rolling against someone else for something you really want. Your anticipation heightens, your heartbeat rises, there’s a moment of excitement. All those moments of losing are made even better when you finally actually win.

In Runes of Magic, I was in a high end guild and saw a lot of this. Some people are happy enough for others to get loot, but some people aren’t. I think I was lucky, that guild was better than most about that kind of thing. Most of the time everyone was great.

There were of course moments when people didn’t get what they wanted. As a matter of math these moments and people far outnumber the others. Some people dealt with this a lot better than others. I don’t have to tell you how complicated the politics can get when you’re trying to keep everyone happy. Loot has a lot to do with it. In RoM we had a system that worked for most, but upset anyone who didn’t participate as much as those who it benefitted.

Loot is complicated. ObamaLoot destroys all that.

Lets say this is adopted everywhere. If everyone gets loot, you certainly eliminate any need for any kind of system. Goodbye Dragon Kill Points. Goodbye Ninja Looters. Goodbye songs about ninja looters. There’s always the possibility of what you’re after not dropping but, for the most part no more loot drama. No more big highs when you get that sought after item, but no more endless lows.

Maybe instead of one person being glad they got a drop, everyone is glad they got a drop. How often are entire groups happy about the loot? You’d have to have a pretty friendly and magnanimous guild for everyone to be happy about it in most games. That doesn’t happen often.

The whole culture of mistrust and animosity amongst people grouping together in PUG groups or vying for the same boss at the same time as someone else would be completely gone too.

What about grinding? Am I right in thinking it won’t happen if everyone gets the loot? No more repeating that one dungeon over and over. You just have to do it a couple times maybe to get what you want. I would hope. I guess that opens up the question of just how rare drops will be and just exactly what would the rare loot be. Is it still just different skins for GW2? Are armour or other types of drops possible?

They don’t have a subscription, so keeping players playing by making them grind out dungeons is a non-issue.

I suppose I still don’t know enough about Guild Wars 2 loot. Am I just misreading their intentions? And I don’t know what the loot is. I don’t know how often it drops. I don’t know how valuable or sought after it will be. Admittedly I only really know one thing if ObamaLoot is real. People will be happy or disappointed as a group, rather than individuals, when something does or does not drop.



  1. One thing GW got going, and WOW is starting to pick up is that random drops suck.
    What is better is to make the player collect the stuff to make something cool (in wow tokens, in GW its been mats that make up the armour).
    That way its not a mater of luck, but a matter of time. Makes people happier, I expect this to be even more so with GW2; I would also want the visual appeal make the main difference as with GW. That would ensure its still casual focused game.

  2. Also as its mats, and mats can be bought you can get those mats anyway you want to. Tokens in wow have be ground out… boring.

    • I don’t know, I agree random drops suck but they do have their good points. It’s a big victory for someone when they get that loot they’ve been after for a while.

  3. Everyone gets loot…but there is the problem of not everyone maybe needing the loot that drops? This makes me think there may be a badge or token system happening…like, the classic WoW-like scenario where the boss or whatever will drop their own specific token, but in this case everyone who was involved with the kill will receive one. Then they can take it to a vendor and trade it in for something they can use?

    • Good point. An Elementalist isn’t going to need a Warrior drop. They could maybe sell it though? for gold? Yeah I guess I just need to know more.

      • But everyone getting that same piece of rare warrior loot that can’t use it will sell it. I can see this system really messing up the in game economy if that’s the way it is implemented. But then again, I don’t know enough about GW.

        • Yeah true, the amount of loot if everyone is getting some shoots way up. meaning supply is out of control and demand is low. I’m sure they’ve thought it through though. tokens like you said maybe. or some other system.

  4. It feels to me like an evolution of the dungeon system in place now in GW1. There’s a chest at the end of every dungeon (granted, this is a new with EotN kind of thing) but everyone gets to loot the chest and gets their own piece.

    When I read the new loot plans I never considered everyone would get the same piece, I thought they would be different like they are with the chests now.

    • Public quests in warhammer let everyone get loot, but people who kill more or do more to contribute get the best loot and the people at the bottom get the worst. maybe it’s something like that.

      the way they phrased it, to me, sounded like everyone gets loot, so Yeah. maybe you just get random stuff and I’m over thinking it.

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