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TenTonHammer interviewed Linsey Murdock of Guild Wars, and Eric Flannum (surprise!) of Guild Wars 2. I’m listening to it now and I’m not sure if I’m enjoying it that much.

They’re talking about the upcoming WoW movie and whether or not anyone will go see it. Their varying opinions just ring of falsehood. One thinks video game movies either try to please everyone or only try to please fans. To me video game movies are marred by bad writing, bad directing, bad producing and low budgets, intentions irrelevant. Who they’re trying to please doesn’t have a whole lot to do with it. Another of the hosts thinks that the WoW movie, if it is a good movie, will rival Avatar. Yeah, okay. At least it’s a good opening piece that allows me to get to know the hosts and just how delusional they are.

Now I’m sitting through their discussion of new Mountain Dew Flavors. Maybe I should have just read the transcript over at TenTonHammer.

Now 30 minutes in, and all I want is for them to stop this terrible transition music. See this is why I listen to the Massively podcast, bland, but nothing you could call irritating. Like commercials or annoying voice overs.

According to Linsey Murdock there’s around another month of updates coming for the 5th anniversary of Guild Wars. That puts the current Guild Wars Beyond wrapping up at the end of May. However she also says they’re committed to doing multiple events. I’m hoping that means the Obey vs Dismantle thing gets duplicated in some way. Not an exact replica but something similar.

Eric Flannum is talking about the number of builds you can put together and I think he oversteps his bounds. He gets a little too boasty. I’ll find the transcript and quote from that.

one of our designers, John Peters, was doing the math on the total number of combinations of possible different builds that the elementalist has, for example. He wanted me to say that it’s over nine thousand, but it’s actually in the millions to be honest. Mathematically, it’s just in the millions as for the number of different builds.

Sigh. If one of your own game designers is saying 9k, and you’re saying millions, what is going on? You can’t throw out numbers like that without giving any context. 9k is a lot, you don’t have to impress anybody. I’m just guessing but I think that 9k probably reflects the actual Elementalist skills, while the millions number brings in environmental skills and non-Elementalist weapons or something.

He does make an interesting point on the value of builds. In Guild Wars you can bring skills that can range from totally useless to totally rules. A scale of 0 to 10. Which is how they defend the new skill systems mandatory 5 skills. They say that makes everyone’s skill bar at least a 5.

The most interesting thing so far in the interview is the mention of PvP. Transcript time.

We were playing PvP earlier today, and somebody was saying, “I learn a lot just be being attacked by Isiah.” He mentioned this combo where he leaps behind the guy and then uses this skill called Stomp to launch the guy off of a ledge that he was standing on.

That’s the first real mention of PvP that I’ve noticed. Getting launched off a ledge with stomp. And a combination of skills. Sounds good to me.

The only other thing I’ll comment on is they actually mention the Holy Trinity of MMO’s and go on to say it won’t be all that important. However, they didn’t say it doesn’t exist. If they were totally removing it I think they’d make a big deal out of it honestly. That could be a real selling point, or conversely I suppose, alienate people who like to play support roles.

Honestly if there is a Healer class, it will be able to hold it’s own in a fight, something more based on the Smiting attribute in GW1. If it is called a Monk it isn’t going to be very similar to the old Monk.

Okay, last interview breakdown FOR TOTAL REALZ this time. Until the next interview anyway.



  1. Geez, thanks for saving me the time. I thought it was a pod cast about GW, not blathering about other crap.
    As for combinations 5k happens to be the combinatoral for 7 buttons so if you take just the 7 skills and move them around on your bar you can get 5k combinations… lol!
    I am hoping the next month is for just for the white mantel story, the GW Beyond is supposed to go for another year. I hope they sort of add something team bases soon, I for one are just having a walk around every now and then and having a quick look – nothing to the team work out for though. Don’t get me wrong I like it but its not exactly making the guild go nuts.

  2. Oh geez, sorry about the english its only my first language.

    • The interview portion was a bit shorter than I thought it would be considering there were three subjects. Hopefully the real nuts and bolts of of OvD hasn’t even been released yet.

  3. I’m pretty sure by “over 9000” John Peters (through Eric Flannum’s comments) was referencing the viral DBZ video on YouTube. Here’s a link:

    • Ahhhh you’re right. i totally forgot about that, and it’s been making a resurgance lately.

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