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Dear Internet,

Normally when Hollywood sets about to create a blasphemic rendition of my youthful memories on their screens, I block it out completely. Take for instance the two absolutely terrible, the second one was actually kind of racist, Transformer movies. G.I.Joe didn’t even look good enough to go see, and it had Sienna Miller, and a red head, and I Love Redheads!

There have been countless examples similar to this. Yet when I saw the included image, I have to admit, Hank Azaria makes for a damn good Gargamel.

In conclusion, the Smurfs movie had better be quality. Also Hollywood, please stop taking a dump on my childhood.

Yours Truly, Hunter.



  1. that picture up there just destroyed my childhood.

    • I was kind of scared a little bit. i was afraid he was going to smurf me into smurf juice.

      destroyed your childhood? you don’t approve?

      • it’s like seeing real life barney or santa getting drunk and punching the Easter bunny. it breaks that fourth wall.

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