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I’m sure people are getting pretty tired of the whole, “Hunter examines Guild Wars 2 interviews” thing by now. Especially when I’m sure at least some of you can read them yourself. I’ll probably get around to original content of my own, commenting on the Obamaloot, event system, skills, moral dilemmas and the like. But for now, I’m doing interviews, until there are no more interviews to review.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun, one of the best gaming blogs out there grabbed Eric Flannum (surprise!) and Chris Lye for an interview.

I initially laughed a bit at the first couple questions about how GW2’s skill system would be different from the CCG style of GW1.

One of the issues we always ran into is that some players are not good at building those characters. We went through making sure that we didn’t take the customisation out, but also made it so you can’t make a really, really bad character.

Honestly. Lollerskates. I can recall some of those really really bad skill bars. People just got so stubborn about combining the two aspects of the game they liked the most into this one terrible character build. Like Necromancer Minion Masters with Ranger pets. It’s also kind of sad that they felt the need to so overhaul this that it doesn’t really resemble the old skill system at all anymore.

They go on to talk about why secondaries were removed, clarity in combat, their business model, and PvP, but most of this I’ve covered and won’t comment on again. Which is where Part 2 comes in and they go over the overuse of fantasy settings before finally settling on a subject I want to talk about. Dynamic scaling! That probably would’ve sounded more epic if it didn’t sound so “pro-active” if you know what I mean.

Because we have dynamic scaling in the event, what happened was that there were 3-4 of us defending, so the bandits would come in waves of 4-5 per attack. Eventually, as this thing went on – because you can see these burning waterpipes from quite far away on the map – other players started getting attracted, and coming over. And then there’s a dozen players, and the game’s now spawning attacks of 20 bandits at a time.

These dynamic events keep getting better, and what sounds great is, there’s a lot of them. The waterpipes being attacked by bandits, the outpost being attacked by centaurs, the bee-hive being attacked by a bear, the bridge being attacked by a dragon and so on. But how many are there?

There are 1500-1600 events

Oh. Crap.

Some events are triggered by players, and are almost Easter-eggy. There’s one where if players kill the deer in the forest then one of the predators who are used to feeding on the deer will come out and attack one of the villages.

That sounds like a lot of fun to be had.

The one thing I want to know about right now, and is just barely grazed in this article is how personalized does it get.

So you and I may start as human warriors… but I may have said mine is born on the street and yours may be a noble. Our stories are going to start out very different. And more than just starting out – we carry that through to the whole story. You also make choices during the story which impact on what content you’re going to see and the fate of certain NPCs and all that kind of thing.

Not really heavy on the details but yet again it does bring me back to Bioware and Dragon Age. It’s kind of like Arenanet wants to be the Bioware of MMORPG’s, which sucks ass, because Bioware is going to be the Bioware of MMORPG’s at around the same time Guild Wars 2 comes out. Good luck guys.



  1. Sorry but Bioware I hate. They are very dialog driven, thats the whole purpose here they want events. I don’t want to talk to a million trees, i want my 1500 events.
    besides you know bioware aint going to be able to muster a bug free mmo first time around. they have proven with dragon age they dont have the patients or the skill to get something new out without pushing it too early for money. dlc was a disaster, and i hated having to pay extra on the day i buy the game to get the rest of the game. that was just sucksor.

    • really? you hate bioware? well even if you hate dialogue, its the moral dilemmas I was mostly referring to, the choices you have to make. Not sure how much dialogue will be in GW2 yet.

      I didn’t buy any DA DLC, but I never felt like it was pushed too early. a few bugs here and there but that’s true of all games. which DLC did you buy?

      I agree about buying DLC on the first day. complete bull. unfair to the consumer.

  2. I wonder how many people will make a choice between the two depending on which flavor of MMORPG they prefer? Fantasy or Science Fiction. I know my husband at least will be playing both. We’ll just have to see what happens, I think Arenanet’s commitment to no monthly subscription fees could give them an edge, but Star Wars carries quite a bit of pull with that franchise.

    • Good question. I know I’ll be playing both, but it’s going to be hard dividing up my time. I’m a huge star wars fan but GW has really impressed me over the years.

  3. Well, my fiance will be playing SWTOR the day it releases come heck or high water, but he is also ecstatic about GW2, so no lost revenue there. I will likely be passing on SWTOR because GW2 has captured my heart and due to the fantasy setting vs. sci-fi.

    However, I think GW2 holds a distinct edge for anyone who’s hooked on the “multiplayer” aspect of MMOs – Bioware has yet to show how a group of 5-6 players will navigate the storyline (when last I checked, their best and only example was with two players in one cutscene). GW2 is already talking about groups of people working towards a common goal without having to exclude even one individual. Plenty of good MMO karma was won right there. If it delivers on that *and* has good personalized story elements, I suspect the only thing in Bioware’s favor will be IP/Brand name popularity.

    • Honestly if they released them on the same day, I’d be playing GW2. My star wars fandom is pressing me pretty hard to play SWTOR, but damn if I haven’t been waiting to play gw2 for years now.

      Good point about grouping, but I’m sure they’ll hook us up with group info eventually. Yeah in one of the interviews GW2 mentioned how they approach groups doing storyline content, I’ll have to reexamine that at some point..

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