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I finally read my way through the forums on Guild Wars 2 Guru, and immediately came across a thread with this Link. They got it from Reddit, but no link to Reddit was provided.

Still those are some pretty great examples of armour and characters. The warrior is clearly wearing an evolved form of the old Gladiator armour my own Warrior wore at first. The second image appears to be the very armour used in some of the Elementalist videos on the Elementalist page at The third video I’m guessing is either Warrior or Ranger armour. Those were followed by what appears to be Mesmer armour.

It would be nice to come across a game that didn’t accentuate boobs in some form. Sometimes I just feel like I’m playing with 14 year old boys. Or a game targeted at 14 year old boys anyway.

IGN put up a little review of the Elementalist as well as other things, but I didn’t notice anything particularly interesting or new.

This guy at Guru2 is taking a stab at collating everything we know so far. It’s a little too heavy on detail and draws a few too many conclusions on no evidence, but it’s not terrible.

A shout out to Tigerfeet and Randomessa, fellow Guild Wars 2 bloggers.

EDIT: Also GameDrone has a bullet point summary of much of what’s going on with GW2. via BioBreak.

EDIT: CommonSenseGamer linked Warcry who have some form of official press release I think.


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