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April 29, 2010 at 1:33 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

All For You

Dear Internet

In my ongoing attempts to humiliate and dehumanize other websites, in particular The AVClub.com, I keep stealing their content and posting it as my own.

Recently I came across yet another small piece of content that I wished to cannibalize.

It’s a website that turns any website you submit into the 1996, made by a 13 year old, version.

As you can see, I submitted my blog, and was dazzled by the results. This is why Geocities rocked. If you think about it, they were on board the social web before anybody else. It’s just too bad so many truly terrible websites were created under their watchful gaze.

I’ve brought this to the attention of the internet so that tragedies like those of 1990’s can never be repeated.

Sincerely Yours, Hunter.

P.S. Those are some bitching MIDI files



  1. Oh god, my eyes! I tested out your site, and mine. what the hell is up with the flying horses, the tie bombers? Too funny!

    • people just put anything they could find or thought was cool up on their geocities sites, and often, it was the same stuff because there just wasn’t that many images or anything. so you’d often run into people with the same star wars stuff or have the same MIDI running on their lame site.

  2. Oh good lord! I remember those! I think I might have had one based on the Petz computer games (someone thought it was a good idea to include website-building software in the game)

    Thanks for the laugh, it’s great to find another GW2 blog out there 🙂

    • You’ve got a gw2 blog? yeah petz. i haven’t thought of that in a while

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