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Charr Effigy

The other thing updated on the Guild Wars 2 site today was Combat (baby).  I would so insert a sound file here if I had the ability and if it was legal.  I could go off on a whole anti-music label rant here, about how they have their heads stuck up their posterior, and they don’t even allow music videos on youtube half the time which is effing *crazy* since they’re promotional videos  but I’m way way off topic now.

Eric Flannum wrote a piece about combat in GW2. He talks a lot about just what makes combat fun, and then goes on to describe something I have to quote. Two game designers are attacking a Drake.

Jon is using his shield to deflect the fire breath of a drake, when Isaiah hits the drake from behind with a skill called Devastating Hammer, launching it into the air. The drake is sent flying over Jon’s head, who immediately turns and uses a skill called Savage Leap to impale and finish the drake right as it hits the ground.

I feel like a bit of a fanboy when I say that sounds awesome. I’ll temper that complete idolatry with a little criticism, why so much text in your website Anet, visuals speak louder than words.

He goes on to talk about the skill system, which is again limited to a set number of skills. However I’ve noticed a sort of them going on where, before, they’ve said that there won’t be as many skills, and the comic (there’s a couple comics on the page) suggests the complexity of the GW1 skill system was too complex. Now while I admit it had too many skills, the complexity is one of the things that made it great. I was hoping they could reduce the number of skills but keep it complex. Here they give only a slight inkling that maybe they’re dumbing it down a bit? I might be reading into that too much. Well probably.

That’s when we get into the real meat of things. You wanted 8 skill slots like in Guild Wars? FU it’s 10 skill slots so eat it! They might put it slightly more politely. I’m just paraphrasing. The first 5 skills are determined by what profession and what weapon you’re wielding. A Warrior wielding a sword will have different skills than a Ranger wielding a sword. Most professions can have two different weapon sets, a Warrior can switch to a Rifle for long ranged combat.

The last 5 skills are from a pool of the player’s choice. One slot is dedicated to an Elite skill, whom everyone who has played Guild Wars (sorry mmogc) is familiar with. Another is a dedicated self healing ability. I can already hear the tremendous whining coming from the Guru2 forums. I’m not even going to go over there today.

Let me quote a particularly interesting paragraph from the bottom of the page.

Elite skills are designed to be infrequently-used, ultra-powerful skills that have a dramatic impact on the game. An Elementalist can call upon the power of the wind to shapeshift into a tornado that knocks enemies around and inflicts heavy damage, while a warrior might choose to harness the power of Destruction, to make all of his blows inflict area-of-effect damage.

I can be a tornado! Sigh. There’s some concept art, a couple screen shots, those comics, and way more detail than I’ve included here so go check the site out. Best part? There’s more coming tomorrow on Weapons, Professions, and Races.



  1. Some people are a little concerned that they aren’t going to be able to make their farming builds any more with only 3 real skills to choose from (5 being your weapon, 1 being a heal, and 1 being your race skill).
    So, having said that and seen that one skill must be a heal of some sort what do you think the odds are of having removed the dedicated healer from the list of professions?

    • It’s pretty much up in the air. If there is a monk, I’m sure they’ll have as many offensive skills as healing skills. Surely there will be some kind of buffing class and I can’t see them making that kind of giant departure from just about every other mmorpg out there.

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