Guild Wars 2 Announces Elementalist

April 28, 2010 at 6:30 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 2 Comments
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Sure I know what you’re thinking, Duh, of course there’s going to be Elementalists in Guild Wars 2. Well relax, maybe somebody else out there didn’t know. The Guild Wars 2 website has been updated with the Elementalist, not to mention other things. So what have they added?

They’ve added a write up that gives you a fair idea of just what it’s like to be an Elementalist in Guild Wars 2. The big changes appear to be how quickly you can switch between attunements. Venturing out into the world in Guild Wars, you would be stuck with whichever element you chose before leaving, in Guild Wars 2 however, you can switch back and forth. And since each element seems to give an inherent bonus, Water Attunement heals allies, Earth Attunement gives a bonus to defense, you can change it up as the situation calls for.

There also seems to be special spell types. While signets, glyphs, and area spells existed in Guild Wars 1, perhaps their being singled out denotes some new role in the skill system? Perhaps divided the way each element was in the past?

There’s also several videos, compiled into the one below by Guru user HaiShao.

There’s a lot of other details I haven’t included, descriptions of skills, attunements, screenshots, a wallpaper, so go check that stuff out if playing with the forces of nature is how you’re going to go through Guild Wars 2.



  1. Hey, I didn’t know, so thanks for that 😛

    • You’re welcome.

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