Forget it Jake, It’s Canthatown

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I was looking over some of the screen shots from the Arenanet blog, and from their Guild Wars 2 Facebook page. Yeah I know, I rail against facebook, but there I am checking it out. By the way, 54k people like Guild Wars 2 and they’ve barely begun their hype machine. Is that good?

Anyway the one image that particularly grabbed my attention is the one in the upper left. Medieval European architecture in the background, Asian architecture below. Ghetto? Neighbourhood? Hard to say, but the presence of Canthans looks so much more prevalent than I had been thinking. The heritage choices offered to humans are making a little more sense now.

Stump Head

There’s another image, below it, of what appears to be a warrior with fairly standard armour hopefully for lower levels. He’s looking at something that at first appears to be a mess. Then I figured out it’s a mess of rock, a stone elemental. I’ve taken the liberty of nicknaming him stump head. For obvious reasons.

Static Field

Yet another screen, released via Flickr, peaked my interest in that it seems to show two characters perhaps battling one another. The character on the right is dressed in black, some might think this suggests an Assassin, but, he’s wearing a typical Ranger mask, and a long jacket also typical of Ranger armour in Guild Wars. I suppose it’s interesting that he also appears to be wielding a short blade, not a typical weapon of a Ranger. The image is called static field, and the lightning effects suggest an air Elementalist. The armour is also typical of most female Elementalist armour in GW1. I almost thought the armour looked Ritualist like until I zoomed in. Although the name of the spell (guessing) is quite boring, the efffects look amazing. Does every fantasy game on earth have to have Static Field?


The final image I’m going to post is one they’ve been fooling around with on Facebook and Twitter (die) and has a bit more mystery. They’ve been posting the blank silhouettes of various beings with no explanation other than a word. Adaptable, Formidable. Anyway the third time they posted it, the center being/person/character etc was unveiled. I figure it’s slowly going to do this until each person is shown, and each person will probably represent a profession, with some of them representing a race. There’s 8 figures, likely the number of professions, and at least one Charr and one Asura.

Great start Arenanet.

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