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April 26, 2010 at 12:22 am | Posted in rpg | 5 Comments
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I’ve got no inventory! It’s weird. I honestly have fun with arranging my inventory just right, increasing the amount of weight I can carry, deciding what is important enough to carry, store, sell or discard. In Mass Effect 2 I have no inventory.

It’s not the only thing missing either. It’s amazing how much they can slim down what you need for a good RPG and Mass Effect 2 is just as good or better than Mass Effect. I can’t hit J and read my journal, it’s relegated to the menu. Everything is pretty much relegated there. I still hit j every time I want to look at it too. Annoying.

In fact the only buttons I have any use for are WASD, Left Shift, Space Bar, and F5. I don’t think there are any other buttons to use. Q and E serve as way points for my companions, but the pathing has improved slightly from ME1, but still isn’t great, so I don’t need to use it often.

I actually think the stream lining of button mashing is an improvement, but they didn’t stop with just menu’s and buttons, they stream lined the stories, interacting with your companions, the combat. I don’t even need to keep track of which companion I need to talk to, I can only talk to them on the Normandy and every time I go to the Normandy I can just check in with my assistant to see if any of them want to talk to me.

The only question that leaves is, is it a good thing? The story is heavier than ever but am I losing out on something? Well, inventory management for one, but I’m sure there will be other games.  Functionality?  I guess using escape to look at all that stuff isn’t so bad.  It’s more on rails than ever, but for some reason, it’s not a bad thing. 

It’s slicker, faster, (and absolutely will not stop until you are dead!) and doesn’t lose anything for it.  I find that disturbing.



  1. Yeeeeaaahhhhh, Mass Effect 2! Enjoy!

    And the no inventory thing is a good change, I have to admit. There was a system in the first game, but I just thought it got way out of hand. One thing I did miss in number 2, however, was the ability to give my companions gear.

    • It really is better and I thought it wouldn’t be. I do love inventory problems in their own mini-game sort of way, but I do have distinct memories in me1 of thinking “why do I have soooooo many sets of armour?”

      I do wish I could customize my companions more, but i’m more interested in changing up their weapons.

  2. i thought that the new inventory thing was weird too, but it didn’t bother me as much as the streamlined story. i kinda missed looking over my shoulder, seeing one of my companions looking sad & then smacking the shit out of them and telling them to get with the program. i think that when they took those storytelling elements out the game lost something. i just didn’t feel like you got to know the characters in ME2 as well as you got to know the characters in KotOR or even Dragon Age.

    • Yeah there is something to be said for you being the one responsible for getting to know your crew. Getting to know each one was incredibly easy and I have just finished doing all the dossiers and already have all but one loyalty quest. Too easy.

      That said I’m enjoying the hell out of this game. I just find it harder to blog regularly about single player games for some reason. static experience I think.

      • yeah, i’ve totally given up on ffxiii

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