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I remember as a young child, playing army, or MacGyver or whatever, I often thought it was funny to just yell out “Combat Roll!” and then you know, do a combat roll.

I’m pretty glad I’m going to be able to relive that experience in some way when Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out. I’m not sure which classes can do it, but one of the classes I’m leaning towards, the Smuggler, definitely can. I can see myself now, alienating all my vent comrades as I yell out COMBAT ROLL! and then make blaster noises.

Another childhood experience the video below brought back to me is the air strike. I never called in an air strike while playing army, but I loved calling in air strikes in Syndicate. What an amazing game. It would probably make my all time top 10. Thing is, in syndicate, nothing survives the air strike. I doubt it’s that powerful in TOR.

Continuing on this nostalgic rant, lately in Mass Effect 2, the three shot bursts of my assault rifle has often reminded me of X-Com (aka UFO: Defense, another entry in my top 10 of all time) and how the Auto-Shot fired three shots. Often only barely managing to kill what I was shooting on the third shot. I miss those hail mary miracle shots that saved my ass in that game. TOR has those bursts that semi-remind me of that too, with the smugglers rapid fire.

It’s a good video giving great examples of combat in The Old Republic, but I do have something negative to say. A lot of the time the mobs look like they’re standing around waiting to die. Anybody else get that impression? There’s some definite 1v1 or more type stuff but I thought the majority of the video was like that. Standing around waiting for something to happen. They should be doing combat rolls.



  1. I saw this video earlier tonight and was going to bundle my thoughts with the Friday update that’s going to hit the SWTOR site tomorrow, but I visit the forums a lot and wanted to let you know you’re not alone regarding your thoughts on how the mobs appear “static”.

    I don’t think it’s going to be the case with all mobs though, in any game you see some just standing around or patting, and I’m guessing it will be the same with SWTOR. Also, a few folks on the forums bring up a good point — they’ll probably choose the most static looking mobs to showcase the combat, too much moving around will make it difficult focus on what they’re trying to make us see. People had the same complaints about the players characters too, but again, it was probably done to minimize moving the camera around too much. I’m not worried about that at all though, clearly we can see the smuggler and BH shooting while running, etc.

  2. Oh, by the way, if you’re interested in a more in-depth dissection of the combat vid, check out darth hater’s newest article:

    It makes me drool 😀

    • yeah I had thought it might just be for displaying the skill animations and whatnot, still I’d rather see action in my combat videos. I checked out the link, DH always impress with their level of detail.

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