No Diamonds, No Mail, No Service

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runesWhen I first started playing Runes of Magic I quickly realized getting around would be a lot easier with a mount. If I wanted to buy a mount, I’d have to get about 10 dollars worth of diamonds, the cash shop currency.

There were 3 ways to do this at the time. Get my credit card out, sell things on the auction house for diamonds, or sell gold for diamonds slash buy diamonds with my gold.

I mostly farmed crafting material and sold it for diamonds, at first. It was a lot of work but in some cases I could charge whatever I wanted as I had little competition. Once I had lots of gold, I bought the remainder of the diamonds.

About a month after RoM left beta they removed the option to sell things for diamonds. It was a big disappointment. It was my preferred method of getting diamonds because it meant I still had gold to throw around.

I’m not sure if it was at the same time or shortly after, but they also restricted the gifting of diamonds to others with a 30 day wait. Didn’t really effect me, kind of pissed off a lot of others.

In January they restricted those who buy diamonds with credit cards from selling them on the auction house. This left only people who buy game cards from Target, Amazon, and other sources as the only people who sold diamonds for gold.

Now despite my chicken little approach at the time, prices for diamonds continued to drop. When I began playing in March they were cheap, around 5-6k gold per diamond. By around August I think they had gone way up to 22k per diamond. In January they had dropped to around 11k. After I stopped playing (facepalm) they dropped even further (facepalm) to half that (facepalm).

I can’t remember if Frogster ever specified that their changes were temporary or permanent, I do remember them saying they would consider letting players sell items for diamonds if things changed.

Things did not change.

Then comes this announcement, sprung on the populace with no warning. Runes of Magic is “temporarily” taking away the ability to trade diamonds for gold, send gold in the mail, or send items in the mail.

They say this is due to the large amount of gold sellers/spammers that have recently hit the game and “As soon as we’re certain that the trading of Diamonds and gold between players can safely resume, we’ll lift the temporary block.”

Crock of shit.

Gold sellers have always been around and aren’t going to go anywhere, so we all know this is never being activated again.

I know for a fact that every person I played with supplemented their actual purchases from frogster with diamond/gold trading. Even with supplementing my own diamonds this way I still found the game too expensive to play. For an end game player anyway.

This doesn’t even begin to comment on the sending of gold and items in the mail. I have 3 mules in RoM, and according to this, they’re useless.

They’re just putting the nail in their own coffin I think.


  1. Can’t even send items through the mail? Yikes, I’ll say that’s taking things a little to far.

    • It’s kind of an important feature, what I think will happen is, they’ll return the mail feature, and expect us to be happy we got that back and not the diamond auctions.

  2. doesn’t look like this game will interest me

    • it’s got its good points, I did play it for 10 months…

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