2nd Guild Wars 2 Book

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Ghosts of AscalonI’ve posted about the Guild Wars 2 books before.  Arenanet has announced 3 books will eventually be available, but little was known about any but the first.  It’s been known for some time that Matt Forbeck would be the author of the first, along with Jeff Grubb, and was announced for early 2010, but eventually the official date was pushed back to Summer 2010, probably in July.

Early on there was speculation that the 2nd book would be written by J. Robert King.   He had made  a comment on Forbeck’s blog  and further evidence from his own blog suggested that he was working on a book called Dragonrise (and the eventual removal of such evidence) would point to perhaps this being true.

Today, the author of a thread over at the original Guild Wars Guru Forums, found the book on amazon.  Now obviously, as with the first book, the release date is a place holder date of December 28th, and very little other information is given.

I imagine this placeholder date will be pushed back much like Ghosts of Ascalon’s date was pushed back, such is the world of editing. However, I hold out some little hope that it would be released before Christmas, wouldn’t that make more sense?

Judging by the title alone, Dragonrise would most likely cover the, you know, rise of the dragons.

Much as I expect Ghosts of Ascalon to have a member of each race recounting their peoples troubles and world views throughout their history, I expect Dragonrise to go through how each race dealt with the Dragons when they made their reappearance.


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