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war in krytaThere’s a few new Guild Wars articles floating around, none of which offer up much by way of enlightenment, but fans may want to check in.

First there is a sort of Guild Wars 2 recap over at Zam. It doesn’t provide any new information at all but I find it does hit upon all the most interesting Guild Wars 2 information. Kind of a good jumping on point.

Secondly Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a press release detailing something the Arenanet people are calling Guild Wars Beyond. War in Kryta (aka obey vs dismantle, hmmm, tip for the future anet, make sure your viral campaigns end up with names that correspond to what your truly promoting) is apparently only the first step in a series of stories that will bridge the gap between Guild Wars and it’s sequel.

Lastly Gamespot has an interview with the woman herself, Guild Wars Lead Designer Linsey Murdock on Guild Wars Beyond and the future of War in Kryta.

Looks like they’re turning this little War into a lot more than I gave it credit for.



  1. Well, this Guild Wars Beyond thing is exciting as it means they are going to have original special events that aren’t just reruns of previous years (i dont mind them but they are getting old after so many years).
    I look foward to being lead up to GW2 being part of the show. Gwen and Thackarery eh? Love is wonderful.
    I wonder where GW2 will start off from? Me saving gwens-off-spawns arse from some char? I’d like that.

    • well, it’s certainly good news but i’ll reserve judgement until i see more.

      I imagine gw2 will have their own little story line for each of the races, then hopefully depositing you on a more common storyline for all races.

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