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alienateI went back to Runes of Magic recently, just to check in. My plan is to go back with the next expansion and spend some time with my trusty mount Cringer.

I left for various reasons. To play end game in RoM you need to spend, around 20 bucks a month at least, or spend all your time on farming gold to buy stuff instead of with cash. I ended up spending on average $15 a month and all my time on farming to make up that extra $5 to $10 to keep up with my end game guild. I didn’t really appreciate the attitudes of one or two people, and the whole guild had this tendency to over-react, cause drama, and generally annoy the crap out of me. I liked most of the people, but, it just became this cool club in vent and the game itself was boring me as well, so I said goodbye to all of that after 10 months.

When I left Runes, I didn’t exactly hold a ceremony. I logged out one night and didn’t really let anyone know that I wouldn’t be returning. I didn’t expect to be kept on the guild after a long absence, nor did I expect fanfare when I returned.

I was not expecting what I did return to either.

Going back months before I left, our guild (Deep) merged with a guild (who we’ll call Obbie) who had lost it’s leadership to Aeon. Some months later we merged again with another guild (who we’ll call athens) when *our* leadership left for Aeon. We had a lot of trouble with the athens merger, and they left. It was cool though, we were fine. Shortly after this I left for the above reasons. Then, the guild pulled up roots and moved every member back to Obbie.

It didn’t make sense for numerous reasons. They said it was because of infighting, but they ended up with all the same members, except one person. Deep itself probably had the best guild hall on the server, not to mention crap tons of stuff for the guild in the vault and on 2 alt accounts. Looking at it from the outside, it appears as if they moved house just to get away from one person. Instead of talking to a person, reasoning it out with them, and if they were still a problem kicking them, they moved the entire guild. All to avoid an awkward conversation.

I can’t imagine how that made them feel.

Not the first time I’ve noticed that some people have conflict issues.

When I logged into Deep it was just me, some alts, people who hadn’t logged in for months, and that was it. I went to one of the most populated towns out of curiosity, to see if there was anyone online I knew. I saw Awesome Content Conquering Rogue and immediately said “Hey, what’s Up?” No response.

I messaged someone I knew, and maybe they were busy, but the conversation did not last long. I sent them 3 or 4 messages, they responded once.

The one friendly person who ended up talking to me? Also the same person who was not invited to Obbie after the switch.

Is it me, or are online games filled with nothing but the most anti-social people who’ve had their inner child molested? Does that not fly in the face of playing an online game at all? Is it not common to leave a game with little notice, and then pop back in whenever you want? I thought it was.

I know I’m anti-social, but online gamers make me look like an amateur.


  1. I’ve found it hard to care about people who I know I’ll never see again. This was always brought up as a weekness in GW, since its all instances and the likely hood of seeing anyone twice is low. Of course WOW is quickly trying to copy everything GW has done well and now has cross realm stuff making it not only highly unlikely youll ever seem them again but it also marks them as being from another server thus making it easy to know who to ninja loot from.
    I’ve fixed my problem of never meeting anyone important or twice by using a guild which is cross-game. TOG plays many of todays popular games, and gives me a persistant identity, and group of friends in any game I play. I still enjoy a PUG as I think it adds something to team work; but if I get desperate I know I have a bunch of people who I’ve developed a relationship with over many games. So it doesnt matter if I’ve played in a month or a day; they are still my friends and they’re ready to go.

    • I don’t necessarily care about my guildies like that, but I do think of them as acquaintances who shouldn’t get angry just because I took a break from the game we were playing together.

      I’ve noted the exact thing you mention about never getting to meet people in GW

      Cross game guilds have pros and cons, i’ve been guilds where everyone up and moves to a new game I don’t want to play.

  2. sounds like your cross game guild was too small. TOGs got thousands of players, every major game has people playing it. It’s only a matter of time before I meet people I’ve played with before in any game I choose. Some may say its too big.
    I expect companys are going to catch onto this sort of style soon too. Steam is about to have an update which’ll display which games your friends have in common, and which games they are going too. The general idea being to stay in touch. Xfire tries too, but its all too disprate (is that the right word?). Soon youll never be lone doesnt matter if you in game or walking down the street with your ipad. Then I’ll make a electronic free park for people to relax in and ignore people.

  3. No one should of course be getting upset with you. Your cool.

  4. yeah i suppose my cross game guild was pretty small. only a couple dozen people in each game. super big guilds don’t really attract me either though, I’ve been in them, they can get way too impersonal.

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