How Can 140k People Be So Dumb?

April 15, 2010 at 11:40 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 8 Comments
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dumbWorld of Warcraft is selling a Mount for $25. This comes after their initial experiment in “micro” transactions of selling cosmetic pets for $10.

You and I, dear reader, know that these offers are complete rip-offs. Forgetting what you can get in the game normally for the price of what you’re already paying, how does a single mini-pet, or mount, add up to the cost that WoW is asking for?

25 dollars is half of a new game. 25 dollars is a complete slightly older game. I could feed myself for a week (if i only drank water and ate one meal a day) on 25 dollars.

What I keep coming back to in my head is, how much did it cost them to make one new mount? Probably one or two artists, a couple programmers, and a week or two of work. I mean I’m not sure, but it’s probably just a reskinned mount already in game.

140k people have already lined up to buy it and it was announced earlier today. That’s 3.5 million dollars if I’m doing my math correctly. In the first day.

I don’t even blame Blizzard. They are a corporation. Corporations have proven time and again they are nothing but psychopathic entities who serve no purpose but their own and for some reason have the same rights as human beings. Of course they’re going to over charge for their products. That’s how capitalism works.

Unfortunately capitalism is also supposed to work on principles of supply and demand. Demand for something that is incredibly over priced should drop. By all rights nobody should be buying this scumbag product from a psychopathic vendor. That’s how we keep inflation in check and all that other crazy socio-economic bullshit.

All my blame for this lies with the stupid, stupid, stupid people who are actually going to buy this thing. Where is your common sense? You like wasting money? Don’t you realize that Blizzard will just sell more of these types of things at even greater inflated prices once you encourage them?

It’s like DownLoadable Content released on the same day as release. It’s like finding out the batteries are not included. It’s like voting for someone when you already know they’re not fit for office. What is wrong with you people.



  1. “Don’t you realize that Blizzard will just sell more of these types of things at even greater inflated prices once you encourage them?”

    Interesting, I was just actually writing a post about the blizzard store, not really on the same topic but slightly related. I agree with the above quote, but like I said in the comment section of another post, it’s not a crime for a company to want to make money. We both agree that we won’t have to buy it if we don’t want to. Let Blizz decide where how to adjust their prices, but I don’t think the first day boom is indication that thousands are still going to be queuing up for a product say, 6 months down the road. Who knows, prices may drop then because it’s overpriced for the majority of us gamers who are still of the level-headed variety.

    I probably won’t ever buy pets/mounts from the Blizzard store, at least not at the prices they are now, maybe in the future when they come down a little. They do make great gifts for WoW players though.

    • I don’t hold much hope for them lowering their prices. I was being a little harsh, but, it stuns me that people don’t look out for their own pocketbooks like this. even if someone can afford it, it just seems so out of whack.

  2. Here here to this artical. Now go buy your GW costumes, you know you want to… I am sure Blizzard wont use it to make more content, unlike Anet… cause they evil… maybe.

    • Yeah to be honest i think GW costumes are over priced too. At least they’re only slightly over priced by a few bucks.

  3. Did you miss this article or you bored by it?

    • patience melski, patience :P.

      and yes, it’s a little boring.

  4. To be fair, I don’t think Blizzard is the one making the choices about these new micro pets/mounts. It’s probably all Bobby Kotick’s doing. And I absolutely hate him.

    I don’t think people are stupid for buying the mount, though. There are tons of people who have spent much, much more in “free” to play MMOs than anyone will ever spend on WoW, item store included.

    • yeah I probably should have put more blame on blizzard (or whoever is specifically making the decision) in the post, as in reality I do blame them more. I did make a point of corporations being greedy and didn’t exactly paint them in a good light though.

      You’re also right about people paying for things in f2p microtransaction games. I’ve seen that first hand and have small comments about it in other blog posts here and there.

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