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frost creaturesThe folks over at TenTonHammer asked a few questions of Arenanet’s Chief Art Director, covering such topics as the size of their art team, cooperation with sound design, scope of Guild Wars 2, and their use of concept art in their trailers and cinematics.

The size of their art team seems pretty decent, 70 spread out amongst 6 teams. Concept art, characters and creatures, environments and props, animation, technical art, and cinematics.

I think the most interesting part of the interview is when Dociu addresses in game cinematics.

While the footage you have seen in the trailer may not be actual cuts from in-game cinematics, it is most definitely very indicative of the way that we will be telling our story from a cinematics endpoint. So, as far as the techniques and visual vocabulary that we employed in these trailers, it is in full alignment with the way we will be handling cinematics in the actual game.

That is good news, because although Guild Wars cinematics were okay, I love their concept art animations.

Anyway the interview doesn’t have many insights into Guild Wars 2, and I imagine that the lack of gameplay information they had promised for early 2010 is for a specific reason. Like, they’re pushing it back because the game is coming out later than they thought. So instead they throw us bones like concept art and lore.

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