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metricGetting to level 20 in Aika is a bit of a job. The best way to do it, it looks like, is to grind out this repeatable quest for lizards or goblin like creatures. I would have to kill around 100-140 of these guys. Much preferable to the slightly higher level bud-worm type creatures, which I’d have to kill around 300 of.

I already went back to the repeatable quest and did it twice, and just couldn’t bear it. I logged out immediately afterward.

It’s not so much having to grind all the way to 20, that’s part of it, but the combat system is very irritating. I’ve got access to 7 or 8 skills at this point, and in general you can strategically use them together. For instance, on my Warlock, start with the Mana Shield for protection, hit a target with Hellfire, which stuns for about 3 seconds. Hit them with lightning orb, which slows them for 4 seconds, then throw the DOT on them Enervate, and by the time they make it to your position, depending on how far away they were when you attacked them, they should be mostly dead. Finish them off with Fireball, and you’re done. Aggro more than one mob, throw Polymorph on one and it’ll be a rabbit for the next 22 seconds.

Pretty simple and straight forward. Almost boring actually. No, come to think of it, very boring. That’s not even what I find boring though. Because you can do all that, if you want, but, all you really need to do is Fireball.

Hit Fireball, and it will automatically fire each time it is ready. It is always ready. Start far enough away and Fireball will have your mob nearly as dead as if you had used all the strategy as above. At the rate you regain mana and health, even if you take another couple hits, the difference is minor.

The result is, I click on a mob, hit my 1 button once, and stand there until the mob is dead.

I’m only level 19, and haven’t really got a chance to use some of the upper level skills, so I’m no doubt being slightly unfair. There are another 10 skills I’ve never had access to. They look like AoE’s and multiple target spells, more powerful versions of the skills you start with. Nothing particularly innovative.

Their skill system does have a saving grace. You can also reset your skills for a fee. 10k gold at my level, affordable. Not all games do that. Runes of Magic will charge you real live money for the privilege, if you can’t figure out a way to do it with gold anyway.

My goal of actually getting to 20 may not be completed. At this point I’m just not seeing a reason.


  1. What’s the level cap in this game? Not sure how much you have been playing, but getting to 20 in Aika sounds like it takes a long time, much like in Allods.

    And I love Metric! LOL!

    • I think it’s just that I stopped playing every day, so it’s gotten slower and slower to level.

      as for max level i think its 50, but it could be higher, small quirk of aika is you can’t see other peoples level.

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