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SalmaIf you follow my blog I’m sure it was hard to miss the kabillion posts I put up about the Obey vs Dismantle viral campaign that started in the middle of March. I stopped posting every update, and created a bit of a wall of text found near my about page.

It seems as though that at least the viral aspect of the campaign has ended. On the 8th, a few final websites were fully revealed, the War in Kryta page fully unblurred and links to two other pages, and several in game updates were made. The community managers have said that there are no more hidden clues and it’s likely that more in game changes are coming, along with more website updates, and the Guild Wars anniversary coming up on the 27th(?) of April.

Getting to the point, I actually played Guild Wars today. For the first time in a year and a half. Not including when I went to see the Blade Camp the other day and participated in the Gwen/Thackeray scavenger hunt, which required no actual playing. I rounded up my heroes and henchies and took a stroll out to the Shining Blade camp again, where I was greeted with new dialogue, twice, on my way there. Which is great and all, and I’m sure there will be quests in the future, but was slightly boring otherwise.

I dropped by Vlox’s Falls to participate in Zinn’s Trial, which was pretty funny, I didn’t know what to expect actually, so it was a pleasant surprise. I only heard about it when May mentioned it to me after I told her about all the Peacekeepers that were added.

Which so far are the main attractions. I went to Bergen Hotsprings after Vlox’s, I’d heard there was dialogue there, and sure enough there were some White Mantle thugs, Peacekeepers, pushing around Farmer Milton in a sleazy land grab scheme. A quick fight ensued but it was no trouble since my Talkhora’s build is still functional after years away from the game. Someone had commented there was a hideout for the White Mantle in the same zone, so I went to check that out afterward. While there certainly are a ton of Peacekeepers in the same zone in previously unused space including 3 new bosses, I didn’t find an actual camp.

Just then May invited me to go along with her friend, Fish, to Watchtower Coast. He didn’t say why he wanted to go there but it didn’t take much guesswork to figure it out. One of May’s main characters is a Monk/Mesmer but I think she prefers a good Smiting build, an offensive Monk with interrupts, and she doesn’t heal much. We asked her to heal anyway.

Once underway from Beetletun it wasn’t long before we ran into group after group of hostile Peacekeepers. We did ok, even if May died twice. She apologized profusely, but as she doesn’t typically heal, I was only half paying attention while I talked to an old friend, and she was the only non-hero who died, we didn’t much care. Plus you know, we’re not complete and total douche bags who would freak out over something tiny like that. We cleared out virtually every White Mantle we could find in the zone and even stumbled across a new boss. I haven’t seen any reports that any of the new White Mantle Bosses have green drops, I’m wondering if that won’t change in the future.

Interestingly these new enemies look pretty good. In fact some of these guys are influenced, I think, from the little used Cult of Verata models which as far as I know are only used in one zone. Okay now that I actually look at the Verata models, they’re taken directly from there.

One of the news articles on War in Kryta labels them as brigands and mentions they are not Krytan born. There are clearly Dwarves in these groups, which is strange because they made such a big deal out of them going extinct.

Their skill bars vary too, more so than most GW mobs. Making for more interesting fights. They use mutliple professions in their builds which is rare in GW even though the game prides itself on it’s ability to include multiple professions in it’s players skill bars.

In what I think is a first for GW, often the same mobs have different skill bars. In virtually every game you play, as long as you see a specific monster like a Grey Wolf for instance, that Grey Wolf will have the same abilities as any other Grey Wolf. Not so with these Peacekeepers. The Peacekeeper Goon for instance utilizes 4 entirely different Axe Mastery skill bars with only a few repeated skills.

I’m actually pretty impressed by that last part, it shows a certain confidence in the intelligence and abilities of Guild Wars players. There are no actual quests yet, but I’m not the type who gets impatient quickly, especially when I know the updates are coming soon. So far these are all good additions to the game, and it only makes me want to play Guild Wars 2 more.



  1. Hey, thanks for the updates. I’ve really appreciated the news.

    • yeah no problem, i actually found the whole thing fairly fun, if not complex, and new updates to gw are always welcome.

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