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aikaYou just don’t know how hard it is to use Aika in a pun! It’s hard! I’m doing the best I can! I did my best! *tears* I did my best!

I’m getting pretty close to dropping Aika. At level 19 I’ve run out of quests again. My own fault, truly. Skipping those dungeons because I got cold feet about joining PUG’s may have saved me a whole lot of aggravation, but getting stuck without enough experience to level twice now has really soured me on the game. That’s not the whole reason but I’ll post about that later.

Getting to some of my technical quibbles, I can’t add friends unless they’re online. This is a problem in many games I find, and jesus does it ever annoy the shit out of me. I’m not talking just MMO’s, but in what universe is this helpful to anyone? You should be able to add people any time. Basic.

I also never really figured out to join and play with my friend on another Nation. Honestly if you’re going to have everyone playing on the same server A La Guild Wars, but seperate them by districts or nations, then you should allow them to group up despite faction differences. There’s an NPC that allows you to travel to allied nations, but my nation has no allies at the moment, and I haven’t had the chance to try it.

I ran out of room in my Blocked list twice. Each time I log in I have to block about 5 or 6 people. When it’s full, you scroll back, unblock the ones at the top of the list, since the newest are at the bottom. When I do this though, I have to unblock about 10 people. Why? Because they still haven’t banned the people at the top of the list! They’re still there spamming! So I’ll unblock someone only to block them 30 seconds later. Great. At least you can block around 50 people.

Kudos to them on one technical aspect though. After logging in, and entering my password or whatnot, at my character selection screen I am again asked to add my 4 digit number code. It’s on a number pad that I have to use my mouse for. Another layer of security in an MMORPG is becoming an absolute must. I wish more games had something like this, and I believe Runes of Magic had a secondary password as well, although I can’t remember how often I had to use it. Guild Wars recently added a security feature where you have to name at least one of your characters at the log in screen. Another good reason to pick simple names and not XXXX133t5auceXXXX.

I like the variety of chat options, general chat that can only be heard nearby, world chat, alliance chat, nation chat, guild chat, party chat. The best chat in a game I ever played let you make your own chat rooms in addition to private messages, public chat, and the pvp faction chat of whatever side you were on. I could be in 10 chat rooms, talking with various groups of friends at the same time.

Oh, and I bought a new dress for Cringer, Tight Khaki Mini-skirt. In the description it says “Tight mini-skirt that will add hotness”.

I figure I’ve got about one or two play sessions left before I give up. Maybe I’ll make it to level 20, maybe I won’t, I’m definitely not going to try to get Cringer to level 20, she’s almost level 9, which would mean I’d have to level to about 45 to get her to her Teen phase. I just wish I had some meaningless quests to keep me busy. Even the worst games usually have that.


  1. Glad you’ve enjoyed the game so far, and sorry about all those gold spammers! We’re definitely working on clearing those out. It’s unfortunate that you’ve run out of stuff to do, but at least it sounds like you’ve had a pretty good time of it. Nice pran dress choice!

    • Thanks yeah, gold spammers are a minor hindrance over all. I have had plenty of fun in aika, the pran system is very well done.

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