The Potato Famine

April 8, 2010 at 4:44 am | Posted in mmorpg | 2 Comments
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GoroI got a little curious as to who develops Aika, and what their mindset might be while making the game. I did fly into Aika pretty blind after all. I figured it must be Asian, what with the style choices, the fact I’d never really heard of it before. But Allods is developed by Astrum Nival, and they’re Russian, so I wasn’t making any assumptions.

I went to the Gpotato site and started looking into their history first, since I’m just as interested in them. They’re owned by Gala Inc. A Japanese company with their hands in more games than Goro from Mortal Kombat. Gpotato is basically just a way for Gala to house all it’s online games in one spot, a portal.

It’s hard to tell what they own and what they’re licensed to distribute world wide, but Aika appears to be developed by Joy Impact, owned by Hanbitsoft. They are in turn owned by T3 Entertainment, makers of Audition Online. Don’t ask me how the makers of Audition Online bought out the distributors of Starcraft in Korea. I think my mind just exploded. Otherwise Gala appears to have some licensed games and own the developers of games like Flyff and Rappelz outright. Most are Korean, some are Russian or Chinese.

Anyway Joy Impact has a total of 5 games on their website, WYD, Tantra, NeoSteam, Aika and StarCrash. So no help there as far as recognition goes. Good luck reading Korean, that’s where I stopped.

The only thing I learned that was really enlightening was just how pervasive Gala is becoming. They’re setting up shop world wide, from India to Brazil. I suppose that’s a boon to people in South America for instance, where it might be harder for people to get their hands on a good internet connection, good computer, a game that’s translated properly, affordable, and you know, fun.

It saddens me to think that Korean grind fests are the wave of the future for millions of people. All free-to-play, with Micro-Transactions.



  1. Hmm, there’s a market for them in Asia, I think that’s what really started it. With the F2P market gaining ground here, I guess it only makes sense for companies to distribute them over here, test the waters and see what happens.

    • gala is testing the waters everywhere though, it’s kind of impressive to see just how many people they’re trying to get access to. I read that gpotato itself has a total of about 7 million users, not that I trust MMO statistics or anything.

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