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Runes of MagicI ducked into Runes of Magic the other day when Aika’s servers were undergoing maintenance. Not much had really changed.

The developers of this game seriously confound me. They announce hosts of new features, especially considering there’s an expansion coming up, and yet all the same old basic problems still exist.

Does that effect it’s popularity? It doesn’t look like it. They’ve announced they have 3 million players. While I don’t think that’s anywhere near true, it probably signifies that people do continue to try out the game. I really hate MMO companies tendency to tout numbers, but that’s a whole other rant.

The first problem I noticed when logging in was how long it took to update. I just wanted to pop in for a few minutes, I hadn’t played since January. It took over an hour to patch. I know from experience this doesn’t mean the long standing malfunctions (I’m not using the word b-ugs, because a certain long eared rodent is my #1 search term, and it annoys the living crap out of me because he was only in one post) have been fixed, what it usually means is that new malfunctions came up and had to be hot fixed.

To top that off, it got corrupted and I had to download the patch a second time, but I’m fortunate. There are tons of people out there who have to manually download each patch and apply it themselves. The client has always been buggy and they’ve never quite fixed it.

I could write volumes about the difficulty in actually downloading and playing RoM. I ran into a crash bug with my client about 6 months into playing, and unfortunately had to redownload the whole thing. It took 14 hours. Why so long? They don’t update the client to include the patches, so you have to download every single patch the game has ever had. I’m on DSL, so admittedly, it could have gone faster, but it’s still crazy. I can’t imagine how many new players are discouraged from playing on this basis alone.

I’m absolutely terrified to uninstall Runes of Magic.

When I got in, there were a few new features of course. A dungeon I can’t run (because nobody can) and a few minor features weren’t much to hold my attention for more than a few minutes though.

At the beginning of March, Runes turned one year old. They’ve actually added more content than most games in that year, but considering all they’re doing is translating and adjusting the game from the original Asian version, I’m not impressed.

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