Save Me From Morrowind

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morrowind boxI keep making the same mistake in Morrowind. The last few times I’ve started it up, I’ve gone in, played around for 20 minutes, a half hour, 45 minutes, done a bunch of tedious things, and died. Or crashed. Who cares right? How often do people die in video games? Pretty often. This makes me sound like I suck at this game, maybe I do, but none of this is the problem.

I can’t seem to remember to save my game. Nothing is more irritating than spending a half hour in a video game doing the exact same thing you just did. Completing the same quest, picking up the same items, talking to the same people, traveling the same long distances.

It would make sense if I just did a completely different quest, went to a different town, tried a different activity. I’m too proud for that. So off I go to complete the same damn stuff I just did. What a waste of my time.

Normally this isn’t a problem. In most games I don’t die often enough that it bothers me. There’s something about Bathesda games though. I get cocky. I go rushing in. Maybe it has something to do with all the time I spend just getting somewhere, that I want to rush in and get it over with. Which inevitably leads to traps, getting caught stealing, getting caught not paying attention. Therefore, death.

I so rarely save my games. It just doesn’t cross my mind, I’m too focused on what I’m doing to remember I’m sitting at my PC and not off in Tamriel. Bathesda has my back in later incarnations of their games. Fallout 3, Oblivion, they both save their games virtually every time you load something. Not Morrowind though, no the obligation is mine. This is why I don’t have a pet. It would probably starve to death.

Getting away from that irritation, things are going well enough, I decided to skip the kazillion side quests and focus on the main storyline. Morrowind is a pretty big game, and I love that usually, but I’m not loving it this time out. I’m a little burnt out on Bathesda style quests maybe. Or maybe it’s finding my way around, or trying to keep track of the quests, npcs, or dialogue options. It’s not a good idea to quest with multiple factions, or in my case all factions, at the same time.

I think the main problem is I just want to get Morrowind done with. I want to play Mass Effect 2, try out Dungeons and Dragons Online, maybe Allods. I guess those things will keep me busy until Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic come out.


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