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eye of the northWith the updates to Guild Wars I decided I may as well hang out there for a day. I logged in and immediately ran into a friend of mine, May. May is a pretty awesome chick I first met in my 3rd or 4th guild in GW. That guild suffered from absentee leadership and has broken up and gotten back together more times than I can count. In any case, I’ve always continued being friends with her.

May is a huge fan of Guild Wars but when I mentioned the whole Obey vs Dismantle thing to her, she had no idea. I had told her on April Fool’s, when I ran into her, a bit about the whole thing but she was completely unaware. I directed her to my blog of course, but she didn’t know what to make of it.

When the content was added she again was caught unaware, and we ended up hanging, checking various things out, doing some of the Gwen and Thackeray scavenger hunt type stuff together. It was okay. I’m still pretty damned bored (understandable considering I have +4k hours in game) with GW.

Although I’m thrilled (way too thrilled really) with the whole ARG, May made me think that maybe it’s not reaching enough people. I even tried throwing around a few subtle (not very) hints in local chats in various outposts, with no reaction at all. The only place anyone seemed to note that Obey vs Dismantle exists was in Lion’s Arch International District.

I think the various Guild Wars fan forums are great, but, would this ARG reach more people if there was at least some mention on the main page? Seems like a lot of work to reach a couple thousand people when you have the potential to reach a lot more. Maybe they could have began it all at somehow? I guess that flies in the face of a mystery though. People don’t feel particularly covert when absolutely everyone knows what they know. Everyone wants to be in the real cool club on the other side of town where the real cool kids go to sit around and talk bad about the other kids. It’s just a shame so many players don’t know anything about how the White Mantle is going to be Dismantled.


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