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aika childWhen I hit level 15 in Aika, I came across a problem. Since I had stubbornly decided not to get involved with the instances, for various reasons, I had bypassed loot, gold, and experience. I am not the Jedi I should be. All the quests were above my level, the mobs I was killing were slightly tougher than they should have been, and I didn’t have the gold for the armour I would need to buy in just one more level.

Why didn’t I do the instances? Well as I’ve said, I’m not planning on playing this game forever. The main reason though, was fear. I am terrified of PUG’s. I don’t think I need to go into detail about how Pick-Up Groups are probably the worst thing in any MMO. I still have nightmares. My first completion of Thunderhead Keep in the early days of Guild Wars, when the game was new to everyone, took more than 9 tries. All due to bad Pick-Up Groups. I could write a whole article about that disaster.

And the people, dear god the people. I’m sure there’s plenty of awesome people in PUG’s but I haven’t met them.

The instances don’t exactly sound like fun anyway. A bunch of kill ten rats quests inside a dungeon? Fantastic, gang-way everybody! The constant stream of people in world chat spamming for groups wasn’t exactly winning me over either. After you block however many gold sellers in chat, that’s the only conversation going on. Maybe I’m just making excuses, but it’s not like low level dungeons are going to help me much when I’m only planning on sticking around til around level 20.

You’d think that to solve my problem, I’d buckle down, bite my lip and join a pug. Instead I started to grind. I know right, massively multiplayer. What can I say, I’m anti-social, that doesn’t change much just because I’m playing an online game. Shameful as it may be.



  1. I’ve had a lot of experiences with PuGs and I can tell you it’s 50/50 whether or not you’ll get a good one. One rule of thumb: make sure you leave plenty of time before you join one!

    Another important thing I’ve found is that it really doesn’t matter who joins, the only person you don’t want to be incompetent is the tank and to a certain extent, the healer (depending on the difficulty of the content).

    Sometimes it’s just best to brave it and dive in with both feet. Yeah, I’ve been in my share of nightmare PuGs but I’ve also been able to meet many friends in them.

    • in my experience its a lot more like 80/20. no matter how much you explain things, or try to prepare the other people, there’s always someone completely doing their own thing.

      I’ve also got quite good at being able to figure out which groups will fail before ever leaving to do a dungeon.

      Not to mention a theory on the ratio of persons who utter the phrase “gogogoggo” to success.

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