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Blade CampIn my last post on the Guild Wars viral campaign, I mentioned the Dismantle page’s source code had changed to read “Midnight clouds will part. The second symbol will reveal its Face like a hidden moon.” Although I had said I wasn’t putting money down on their being an update at midnight, I probably should have.

I had just finished posting my Aika adventures, and decided I may as well roll on over to see if anything was updated, and the Shining Blade Facebook page was indeed sporting a new image. By the time I rolled over to GW2Guru they had already scanned the barcode image and recieved “Create one from two. Unity Resolve Liberty. /neeuqsiamlas”. Yes, we can read backwards Regina/Martin. Moving quickly to the new URL, we got another Tyrian alphabet image. Deciphering that gives you camp.

I actually deciphered it myself, just to see if it was difficult (it isn’t) and was a little paused to come across the word camp. Until of course, I thought about the previous word, Blade. Blade Camp. Going back to the forums a mere 9 minutes after the turn of the hour, I quickly found someone had figured out the meaning behind that as well. Another URL of course, it’s even in the message Unity Resolve Liberty. Which of course leads us to the above image. What appears to be in-game graphics of a Shining Blade camp. And now nerds are combing the entire game to see if they can find it. Good luck with that.

EDIT: So of course I posted about 5 minutes too soon. Someone noticed a hint of red in the above image and found yet another url. The image is too blurry to see properly, so far.

I told myself I wouldn’t update every damn thing about this viral campaign. I’m not showing much self control lately.

EDIT: I’m such a whore. A new build of the game went up and with it, yeah, you guessed it, people already found the camp. I actually followed a tip to Temple of Ages and Salma looks completely different than previously. Spiffy threads too.



  1. Um, and where is this new camp? Am I not reading your post right? Or are you teasing me!?!!?

    • heh sorry. I’m sure you know by now that its in Talmark Wilderness.

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