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bladeFar be it from me to post something unrelated to this viral marketing campaign, so here is yet another update. I left off last with a post about the various updates to the facebook pages of both sides. Their fans grew over night, Mantle at 424 fans (340 yesterday) Blade at 579 (447 yesterday) and I’m not sure if that triggered anything but things changed.

Nothing changed on the Obey page, but on the Dismantle page, a new poster was put up to replace the torn poster. Someone quickly noticed the little barcode symbol was different, put it through a scanner, and recieved the following.

Shining Blade: Midnight clouds will part. The second symbol will reveal its Face like a hidden moon. /stnarytothtaed

Now this isn’t exactly rocket science, and people quickly put a few things together. First, the / meant that it was a new URL. Check it out over here. Second, stnarytothtaed is Death To Tyrants backwards. Funnily enough, that’s the opening few words to my anti-facebook screed if I recall correctly.

Going to the URL gives you the above image, which I admit, I didn’t know what to make of. However, there are some truly gifted and sheltered nerds on the Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums (now nearly 1700 posts long) and they quickly figured that the scribbles on that image are actually the in game alphabet of Tyria. I know what you’re thinking, they have an entire alphabet in Guild Wars lore? Well, yeah. They do. I got to admit that’s actually pretty clever.

That’s where things stand for the moment. What the deal is with ‘midnight clouds’ and ‘hidden moon’ I don’t know. Some forum speculators are guessing something happens at midnight PST tonight, but, I’m not putting money on it.

In other related news, the whole fan Art thing really got going after/during I posted about it. I have such terrible timing. Anyway check out this thread in particular. For rabid fans who absolutely must see all fan art, try this thread and this thread.

I thought it might be useful to link all my previous blog posts about this. Here’s where I first noticed it. Here’s an earlier breakdown. Here’s where I made fun of the wild theories. Here’s where it continued. Fan Art. Facebook. More mean spiritedness. And finally, the Facebook breakdown.


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