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April 1, 2010 at 2:47 am | Posted in mmorpg | 6 Comments
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aika teenWandering around in Aika today, I came across a quest entitled “Boring Errand 1”. 1? This does not bode well. It’s a simple fedex quest, ergo the boring part, and I head off, across the entire length of the zone to deliver it. I get there, and hilarity ensues when I discover that the quest giver was wrong about who I was supposed to deliver it to. Oops.

I head out on Boring Errand 2, to a different npc who I happened to pass right by on Boring Errand 1. “I’m no Hick!” he says when I greet him. He’s a hick. He’s also not the right recipient for this fedex parcel either. This leads to Boring Errand 3, and yes, Boring Errand 4. By the time Boring Errand 5 rolls around I’ve been half way across the map and back again. Thankfully Boring Errand 6 has to be the last one in the quest line right? I mean the little mole-person npc seems quite convinced and snotty about it. Unfortunately, I’m practically back to where I received the quest from and once again, have to travel across the entire zone.

I had this really annoying coworker once. The job was horrible, he wasn’t a bad guy, but everybody hated when every day he said “Are we having fun yet?” No dude, we are not and have never been having fun here.

Boring Errand 6 did take me to the correct npc, but my hopes were dashed when she sent me on Boring Errand 7 to thank the original npc for her. You know the original npc? The one on the other side of the zone?

I used to watch Saturday Night Live a lot. The thing about that show is, they have these great periods with really funny sketches and funny comedians, and then they lapse into long boring periods where they aren’t funny. Usually the problem is they take one joke, and try to fill an entire sketch with that one joke. I like jokes, I don’t like it when they’re repeated over and over.

Boring Errand is supposed to be funny. I get it. Fedex quests are boring, you’re addressing the problem, you even have attempts at humour in the dialogue. Comedy, it’s funny. Just not repeated over and over.

You know what else? I’d be fine with a series of fedex quests. I’d be great with it. If the rewards were worth it. In Runes of Magic you get xp (and gold) for talking to people. Quest after quest of simply “talking” to npc’s, reading walls of text, if you want to bother to read the quests anyway. I’d say a good 15% of all quest xp in RoM is running around and talking to people. The first 6 quests in Boring Errand reward you with 60 xp. Total. I can kill one creature and get twice the xp.

After I wasted that much time for so little reward, I logged out. I just felt like I’d rather do something productive, like get a lobotomy.



  1. The quest line was seriously called “Boring Errand 1” etc? Holy crap, I would have snapped. A name like that would have made me expect a “twist”, something that’s actually going to be funny, you know? The fact that the quest turned out to be exactly what it was called is just…anti-climatic. They may has well have named it “You will hate this quest” Part 1-7.

    • hell yeah. and again, it all would have been fine, except 10xp per quest? wtf?

      • 10 xp does seem a little ridiculous, even for a fedex quest. A gross oversight, or some developer was trying to be funny and failed miserably.

        • you reminded me. I should keep in mind it’s still in beta.

        • uhh…yeah the 10exp bit was a load of crap, im doing that quest at the momment and im getting 4kexp and 2kgold for the third part.

          • so maybe they fixed it. relax

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