A Tyrian Fool

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april fool'sI don’t often have a ton of time to throw around on April Fool’s Day. It’s more often than not on a week day when most people are working. The fine people at Guild Wars do a fine job of it though, usually throwing everyone for a loop.

The first year of April Fool’s they celebrated was in 2007, where in certain towns, your gender was automatically switched.

In 2008, you were turned into a Stick figure, which I think I have screen shots of somewhere. In any case it was in every city this time around.

I think everyone’s brains imploded though in 2009. We all looked like strange Japanese big headed Gwen dolls. It was freaky and awesome.

2010 is a whole new decade though, and when I showed up, to be honest, I was fooled. “I’m a mini-dude?” I thought. “Surely they can do better than this.” Instantly I was right though, because the next thing I noticed were the regular sized mini-pets. I wasn’t just small, I was now the mini-pet, and my mini-pet was now trying to eat me. Super sized mini-pets.

A dozen people ran around me all with their mini-pets out, all types of monsters and npcs. People were also running around with tonic effects on them, making them normal sized, or in the case of the more larger sized tonic effects, gigantic. Another thing I quickly noticed is that some people were no taller than my knees while I was miniaturized. How they got extra small, I don’t know.

That’s me, my mini-kveldulf, and a perfectly normal npc in the above screen shot.

Jokes on you though Arenanet. I only got a half hours enjoyment out of your April Fool’s day.


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