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March 31, 2010 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Guild Wars, mmorpg | 4 Comments
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dismantleNow that the obey and dismantle pages point to facebook, and since I hate facebook, I figured I’d save certain people some time. I don’t imagine there are a lot of people who agree with me, that social networks are lumbering hulks that get too big and too cumbersome. That they’re cool at first because they’re somewhat exclusive, and then when everyone belongs, you stop using them. That they’re a passing fad that do nothing but provide large corporations with your private information and metrics on your habits.

A bit of a paranoid rant there. If anyone happens to agree with me that facebook isn’t worth joining just for this viral campaign, or is interested but not interested enough to actually go to facebook, here’s what’s there.

Shining blade: 447 fans (so far)

Rebel Defenders of Kryta

Mission: The Shining Blade are noble rebels who struggle to rid their homeland of the oppressive White Mantle regime and restore Krytan royalty.


No group can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all accomplices! Rise up, sons and daughters of Kryta, and take back your homeland! Death to the cultists! Death to the White Mantle!

Krytans, be not deceived! These Unseen Ones that the White Mantle worship are false gods. Do not bow before these inhuman sorcerers! Support the Shining Blade and fight for a free Kryta!

“Offer protection to the weak. Give solace and shelter to those who need it. Be ye a salve to the wounded.” – Shining Blade credo

White Mantle: 340 fans (so far)

Benevolent and Wise Rulers of Kryta

Info: The White Mantle is a religious order devoted to peacefully spreading the teachings of the Unseen Ones and defending Kryta from evil. Beloved saviors of the common man, the White Mantle is the one True Government of Kryta.


The White Mantle extends greetings and salutations to all citizens and residents of Kryta! Take solace and find peace in the knowledge that the Unseen Ones watch all that you do.

Posting heretical or anti-government messages is an act of sedition and will be treated accordingly.

Citizens and residents of Kryta – there are traitors and heretics among you who would whisper blasphemy and treason in your ears! It is your duty as decent folk to report any seditious speech to the White Mantle. Unity is strength!

“The White Mantle serves the greater good of all.” – Dorian the Martyr



  1. Aren’t the white mantle doomed? We’ve already seen that in GW2, divinity reach has it’s queen and the rest of the human world is a mish-mash of others? I am for sure happy about this myself being a Shining blade supporter from the start. In fact as far as i can tell its the only choice you have in the original campgain. Perhaps my reading has been colored?

    • well certainly the mursaat were defeated, but after you are chased out of kryta by the mantle after riverside province, you don’t really get a chance to completely destroy the mantle do you? I think there’s enough open ground to weave a story where the mantle, and perhaps even surviving mursaat, can continue to endanger kryta.

  2. Yes your right. I do hope they give me the chance to finally and compeletely crush them in GW2. If only I could crush the char too, then i’d be happy.

    • and you will never get the chance now that they are a player race. well I suppose there might be a few pvp opportunities.

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