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obeseI really like the idea of fan made art based on propaganda. It’s part of the reason I’ve been posting about it a lot. For instance, check out these Battlestar Galactica posters over at thinkgeek. I’ve been tempted to buy them many times, but, I don’t need 5, and I only want one of them really. Or heck, check out some Star Wars posters this guy found.

So when I started seeing people making fan art, taking sides in the obey vs dismantle hubub, it kind of made me want to join in. Yet, I have no artistic bone in my body. What I’m wondering is, and this comes down to the 2 people who comment (thanks in advance) on my blog, is the image to the left funny, or mean? It’s honestly, pretty much the best I can do, so if it’s going to insult people I may as well not bother.



  1. I personally don’t find it insulting, but then again, as someone who’s not part of the said hubbub, I may not be understanding the full context. You also have to consider the nature of the MMO community…you know how people are. If you think something might offend someone then chances are it probably will. 😛 I swear, this is like the most sensitive population I’ve ever known.

    • that’s a good point. and if it’s not mmo players who are sensitive, it’s bloggers. fortunately I don’t have many readers to alienate.

      • Oh, bloggers on the other hand I actually think are a lot more forgiving! They understand a person’s blog is a free space to express personal opinions/musings 😛

        • Enh, except when you read about the syncaine vs tobold feud, or just recently, a high latency life vs too many annas. but i suppose the majority of people are not like that.

        • Oh yeah, I meant with the exception of internet blog wars, of course! LOL 😀

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