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March 29, 2010 at 6:31 pm | Posted in Guild Wars, mmorpg | 3 Comments
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dismantleWith Monday comes updates, as soon as changes were made to the dismantle and obey webpages, someone quickly picked up on it. They now point to their individual facebook pages.

I’m not too thrilled with this. My opinions on facebook and twitter are negative. I don’t like how they’re used. I am not a mere metric. I don’t like being used and studied like a number. I don’t like the co-opting of other forms of media to pseudo-promote games.

Obviously, once they achieve a certain number of fans on facebook, the game will progress.

I won’t spoil the little blurbs on each page. Go check em out for yourself.



  1. I don’t like the way these “social tools” are being used either. I have facebook for the sole purpose of just keeping in contact with my friends, otherwise, I don’t really use it. And don’t get me started on twitter…I was already annoyed enough with the FB newsfeed feature.

    Interesting you brought this up, as Bioware just today announced their new social event, involving a contest that pretty much heavily involves the use of twitter. People are already being obnoxious about it and abusing it, it really grates me.

    • yea, I started reading my news feed and was all happy to see a contest come out of that countdown timer, and the prizes, and then sudden fail. you need a twitter account. guh.

      • And you also need to be an American resident. BLARGH!

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