Obey and Dismantle Fan Art

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Mursaat obeyA viral marketing campaign like the Obey vs Dismantle meme going on for Guild Wars usually produces some fan art. People have taken sides by adding #obey or #dismantle to their posts, but they’ve also created a couple pieces of art. I thought I’d add them here. The image on the left was created, I think, by the user Black over at the IncGamers forums.

Probably the funniest images used are just in-game screenshots of various “ugly” mursaat being posted with a simple two word refrain being added. “Nuff said”. Very similar to the years old meme of youtube videos showing one nations cute girls vs another nations… not so cute girls.

The image below was created by Ravious over at KillTenRats.

Nox over at iloveguildwars created this next piece.

The following two images were created for the Mursaat Rally. It’s mildly related propaganda, but fans are using it to support their side. I thought it fit well with this post. Kudos to this dude.


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