Ghosts of Aika

March 27, 2010 at 4:18 am | Posted in mmorpg | 2 Comments
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cringerImagine a cute, squeaky voice.

“Uhhmmmmm hi?” asks my pran. I click on her little dialogue box. “Master, do you believe in ghosts?” I don’t even remember how I responded but I must have mentioned ghost stories, because next she says “I don’t like ghost stories, I like ghost movies!” Admittedly, I’m a little confused. Are there movies in Aika? I click next and sure enough, there are movies in Aika. “Which ghost movie do you like master?” And I’m given a choice. So I think to myself, “do I like Ghostbusters, Casper, or Ghost“? I chose Ghostbusters.

You get a lot of little dialogues with your pran. It’s one of the more enjoyable things about the pran, even though only the initial cue that she wants to talk is actually voiced. I’m guessing why they threw pop culture references into the game is to fill out what must be a large amount of conversations. I suppose I can forgive them for completely breaking immersion.

Because that’s exactly what they did. I literally stopped playing, thought about those movies, and was taken completely out of the game. I started trying to remember the line from Lazy Sunday.

At least I’ve gotten my pran to level 6, she’s a little girl now, and she’s got her name Cringer floating above her head. Her namesake would be proud. I find it ever so slightly disturbing that when she evolved she showed up in little girl underwear, and I’ve always felt the amount of skin shown in the close-ups was…weird. So the instant I got her I had to shove a sundress on her, and throw her teddy bear into her inventory. Now she picks the bear up and kisses it, or sets him down and dances with him. Mostly she hangs it at her side and sucks her thumb.

I feel like a grown man playing with dolls.

I’m a little confused as to why sometimes she won’t buff me. I keep hitting the one skill I have for her, and she’ll say, audibly “No master, I don’t want to! And you can’t make me!” I’m not sure if I need more favor with her, if I’m not feeding her right, or what the problem is. I could feed her all day though, as long as she says “That was yummy in my tummy!” every time.

My ex always used to call me a girl, sometimes it was hard to argue with her.

Thing is, now that Cringer is awesome, I don’t have much of a purpose. I suppose I could try to figure out how to get one of the mounts that look like giant house cats. I’m betting they cost money. Honestly, the combat is really beginning to wear on me, and I really don’t want to do the instances. Which leaves PvP, but I think to do that I need to register as a citizen, and I’ve been trying to find the ingredients to do that since level 10, 5 levels ago. No luck. Not even on the Auction House.

I’m going to need a reason to continue playing this game pretty soon or else it’s back to Morrowind which I’ve been neglecting. I’ve got Mass Effect 2 sitting here, not to mention a couple other online games I want to give a try. I don’t want to abandon my pran baby, but this game better get it’s hooks in soon, or I’m ghost like Swayze.



  1. She evolves and shows up in little girl underwear? You’re right, I would be quite disturbed too.

    And I don’t mind when games inject little references to pop culture here and there, but actually naming real life movies, that’s just too much. I would have been turned off as well.

    • Pop culture easter eggs sandwiched into quests or gameplay is great. Straight up talking about real stuff? It just seems to go against the very nature of what I’m doing in there.

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