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dismantleI watch Lost. It is a great show. Part of what makes it so great are the mysteries, the mythology, and filling in the gaps in your own mind. This leads to a lot of speculation, conversations with other fans, and of course, going back to watch the next episode. But I couldn’t help but laugh when The Hater over at The AVClub made fun of the tendency of some fans to over think things. It reflects on something I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve been laughing my ass off. As much as I love a little marketing that has imagination, some people just have way too much. Speculation is rampant on this Obey/Dismantle meme. I appreciate speculation, and even participate in it myself, but I do try to stay within the realm of possibility. Internet forums are magnets for ludicrously over the top nonsense though.

Here’s a selection of some of the less likely scenarios suggested concerning the Obey Dismantle hubub. Definitely check out this post first.

The reasonable people speculate on things like, how this could be a lore progressing series of quests or how this could end up being content where you have to pick sides, and a little more unlikely, faction related PvP.

The less reasonable write out whole stories complete with plot twists and characters firmly confident there’s no way they could be wrong.

If they’re not doing the writers job for them, they’re planning out the launch date for the Guild Wars 2 beta, March 16th of course!

Perhaps future March 16ths are not the answer, lets time travel to the past! The year 37 – Caligula becomes Roman Emperor after the death of his great uncle, Tiberius. Whoever caught this one is brilliant.

Not enough crazy for you? How about suggesting that elements of the GW2 event system that requires an open world to exist, is going to be part of the new content in the closed world of GW1.

Heck, while we’re playing with the impossible, lets combine the two barcodes from the fliers into one super duper barcode! What?

For all the truthers out there, it has been suggested that this is nothing more than an internal power struggle within Anet between management and it’s employees. Seriously.

What if instead of March 16th, it’s meant to be April 16th!? Even though it says and I’ll copy paste the code “March 16th”. Thanks for reading the thread buddy.

Obviously, and I’m stunned nobody saw this before, this is related to basketball. The first game of NCAA March Madness? I don’t need to tell you the date.

March 16th is a bar, restaurant, or street name.

One crazy community manager even suggested “This is just a wild guess, but maybe the only thing the date means is the date when the asset was created – just a wild guess here.” Go find your bucket weirdo, this is clearly not the answer.

Also, Dismantle is actually a spell In World of Warcraft. Think about it!

“I tried playing backwards both sets of voice sounds in the second video, but didn’t come up with anything.” Keep trying dude! I believe in you!

Forget that the message “Go Discover Contentment” points to GDC where fliers were handed out, lets go anagram crazy! Connective Dog Torments! Truth is obedience = Inbreed touchiest. Obey dismantle? Yebo eltnamsid – Yebo means “Yes” in Zulu. It’s true.

Okay okay, making fun of random people on forums means I’m a troll. I know that. At least I’m not sabotaging the thread with wild, far reaching, completely unrelated nonsense, at least in my opinion. I’m certainly doing everyone a favor by not trolling through the thread itself. Give me credit for that at least. Feel free to call me on all this in the comments though, it would be fair play.


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