Guild Wars 2 GDC Video Part 4

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craftingThe final part of this amazing series of videos detailing Guild Wars 2 concept art, complete with sound and some small animated aspects, is finally up.

Check out part 1 here. Part 2 here. Part 3 here. Part 4 here. Or just head over to Arenanet’s official youtube page and check out numerous other videos while you’re there.

I got to say it is virtually impossible to pick through all of these images and try to figure out things about the game that haven’t been revealed yet. However someone on the Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums pointed out the image on the left. That’s the first part of the 3rd video I believe. “Woodworking, gunsmithing, crafting tools, and materials”. Guild Wars always lacked crafting. I suppose they could be plain ideas for decorative elements but they have intimated crafting for Guild Wars 2.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that, as expected, dismantle images were added to the end of the video.


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