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March 24, 2010 at 11:36 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 2 Comments
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aikaMaybe I’ve given the impression that I completely hate Aika, I don’t. It has it’s good points. I don’t think I’m going to play this game long term, but I will give it until level 20 at least. I think the prevailing logic these days is that a game has to grab you in the first couple hours of play. For me, I need longer than the first 5 levels.

I didn’t even get my Pran, Cringer, until level 8 or something. It’s definitely one of the things I like. I’m definitely going to get my Pran to level 5 so that it turns into a little girl Pran instead of its current form. It’s current form is a fairy that constantly floats around you. That’s not so bad, but a little Pran girl following me around holding a teddy bear would be about 10x cuter.

Another thing I like is the dialogue, particularly with your Pran. I get stopped a couple times a session because she’s demanding to speak with me. She’ll ask what a dragon is, give me a riddle, tell me to stop killing monsters because it’s mean. It’s kind of funny and, if questioned I will not admit it outside this blog, utterly adorable. Quest NPC’s occasionally have mildly funny dialogue, like when they’re cursing me out, arguing with my Pran, or asking me to kill their father, but nothing approaches those regular conversations with Cringer.

I’m not sure whether to like or hate the combat system. I can essentially just hit a button and wait for it to kill the monster. Ultimate laziness.

I love the trade system. There’s an Auction House (which I haven’t used much) and in particular, there are banners and floating gold coins above peoples heads when they are selling something. Need essences for your Pran? Look for a guy with a banner saying “essences” and click on it, you’ll see exactly what he’s got for sale. As a result there is zero trade chat. Having an AH is great, having both is wonderful.

I like the Mounts. They’re cool looking.

Not much more I can honestly mention without dragging in some bad points. So let’s stay positive folks!


  1. Haha, I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t enjoying Aika, sorry if I gave you that impression. I’m sure it has its merits; after all, you’re still playing. I applaud your decision to at least make it to level 20 before making your final judgments. Too many people jump into games these days, play for like 5 levels and claim it sucks based on that short period of time, I can’t understand it myself.

    I still can’t say this game sounds like it’s for me, but based on your description of the Pram, I think I would have liked that feature very much.

    • lol no no. I’m just a very negative person at times, so I thought I’d say something positive. I looked through some of the other posts and didn’t see many compliments and I do adore my pran, for one thing.

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