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AikaAfter logging back into Aika after a couple days off, I got straight to work.

The first thing I had to do? Block about 8 gold spammers. Aika’s blocking mechanism isn’t overly complicated so it didn’t take long, just right click and hit block. Still, I couldn’t read anything because of the large amount of spam until it was done.

After that I reviewed my quests, and decided I needed some pumpkling tissue. You guessed it, they’re little vegetable pumpkin monsters about a 3 or 4 minute trip from the starting city where I was. I made my way through all the vendors with admittedly useful gold coin icons and little banners over their heads saying what they were selling (including gold sellers taking advantage of the feature) and left the relatively crowded city.

Before I got to the pumpkin patch, there’s a bit of a gauntlet of Mogun mobs you have to run through where I had previously been questing. They’re goblin like creatures. Easy to deal with alone, but they’re tightly packed. As I ran by I noticed at least 5 or 6 people doing the various quests nearby. One of the quests is to retrieve a battle standard from the middle of their “village”. Calling it a village is a joke, there’s like 3 tents, surrounded by wooden barricades and about 30 mobs. Anyway if you try to do it on your own, the spawn rate is such that you’ll always have around 3 aggro’d. Meaning: Good luck with that.

So of course, I’m wandering by, and someone has aggro’d 3 Mogun. People in Runes of Magic might think I’m a jerk, but I took pity on them and started to attack. They survived, but they still didn’t have the flag, so I continued to randomly kill Mogun in the area while they worked their way over, and another person took quick advantage, rushing in from behind me to go for the same thing. Meanwhile I’m continually having to kill Mogun after Mogun because these guys are trying to get the quest and fight their way out, and I’m trying to keep the path clear for them to run for it.

Two more people show up. One of them notices that I’ve got aggro on 3 Mogun, helps me out, the other one fights his way in, while the other two are leaving. When my three are dead, the guy helping me, understandably makes a mad dash over to the flag, and more Moguns are spawning. It’s a very quick respawn.

Two more people show up. They want the same thing. By then I’d killed 12 Mogun, when I’d intended to kill about 2. The original 2 people I was helping have long since run off, helpfully leaving their aggro’d Mogun for me to kill. The second group of 2 people are about done and making their way out, so the third group of 2 are having an easy time going in, but they don’t seem to have any idea how fast the respawn is, because they aggro a ton of Mogun, they get their battle standards, but on the way out, they aggro around 10 Mogun.

What do newbies do when they’ve aggro’d more than they can handle? They run, and for a half second, I think it’ll be fine, they’re not running in my direction. They run about half the distance you need to run before you lose aggro and then tragedy strikes. They stop to fight. I ran over and killed as many as I could, but soon one of them died, then quickly after, the other. Most of the mobs returned to their position but not before I aggro’d 2 myself.

All in all I ended up killing, I don’t know, 20-25 of these effing things.

I wander over to the pumpkin patch nearby. If ever there was a time to have a quest that funnily references Charlie Brown somehow this would be it, but no. I kill a pumpkling and get the tissue I need instantly. Shaking my head at how annoying it is to receive a quest in the city, travel a few minutes outside of town, only to kill one mob. I headed back.

I can’t recall the exact sequence of events, but not long after that, I recieved a quest to go kill 3 pumpklongs. They’re the slightly larger version of pumpklings. I love going back to a place I just came from. Best quest ever.

The pumpkin quest line eventually leads to a boss fight. Surprise! It’s kind of a weird one though. Essentially the bad guys of Aika have covertly tricked a high ranking member of my order, the Aitans, into drinking a vile concoction made of pumpkin juice, I guess. I’m a little lost because it has been a few days. He went nuts and led the Moguns into battle with the military killing several former comrads.

His son, Charlie, has been looking for him, and I had previously helped out the kid by trying to find him. The kid is pretty weird, the voice creeps me out and every time I talk to him he greets me with, “Can you come down here, my neck hurts from looking up at you!” He’s my height! He has to look up maybe one inch. Check out this posts image. I can’t imagine what he says to the short female avatars. Anyway, when his kid discovers that his father has attacked and killed people, the kid asks me to go kill his father.

Sound reasonable to you? It doesn’t sound reasonable to me. The commanding officer standing 5 feet away doesn’t ask me to take him out, the various soldiers standing nearby don’t say anything. A 9 year old boy, by the sounds of his voice, wants me to do a little wetwork on his old man.

Oh and some dbag got me killed while I was AFK writing this post. I have never been killed while AFK before. Oh sure, I’ve heard about it, I’ve seen it happen, I’ve laughed my butt off as guildies died. Not me though, not until someone, and it had to be someone, trained some mobs on to me. Growl.

Aye carumba.



  1. LOL, love the post title.

    Unreasonably fast respawns, nonsensical quests from iffy NPCs, obnoxious and inconsiderate players? This game doesn’t sound like it’s for me at all, I guess uninstalling it was the right thing to do.

    • bah, well, it would have been fine if I had just gotten a thanks or something.

      • I’ve actually been tempted to do an experiment like that…individually help a whole bunch of people in a MMO kill a mini-boss or something, and see what percentage of them end up saying thanks. Sometimes I do it just to see if I can even get a /bow from them.

        • I don’t know, i think some games just have different cultures or something. I don’t see a whole lot of talking at all in Aika, but I’m sure if I helped someone out in my last MMO, Runes of Magic, a good percentage of people would have said thanks.

          you should do that experiment though.

  2. Umm… is it just me, or does the figure on the right look unnervingly like a White Mantle? O.o

    • Some elements of aika do appear taken from guild wars, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

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