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guild wars 2No, they haven’t announced housing in Guild Wars 2. I was reading The Flameseeker Chronicles over at Massively, their regular Guild Wars column, and Rubi Bayer riffs on a few things that got me thinking. This week’s column is about the concept art for Guild Wars 2 from the GDC video’s. There’s so much concept art in those videos it’s impossible to know where to start analyzing and what’s relevant.

She starts off talking about housing, and how there’s interior art of a rustic home in one piece and Asuran style kitchen fixtures in another. Which is evidence I suppose, but it could also just point to any possible interior in the game. That concept art alone leads to no real conclusion. However, for some reason it clicked in my head, of course there’s going to be housing in GW2.

When creating a sequel you don’t remove features, you add them.

Okay, no, the original Guild Wars doesn’t have player housing. It does have the Hall of Monuments, and I think it sort of qualifies. Normally a game providing player housing either provides vast areas for large numbers of people to build houses, and thus creates crowded areas falling over themselves with buildings where once stood splendid wilderness. Or they hand you an instance. The Hall of Monuments is just such an instance. I get to decorate it. I get to store (for use in GW2 anyway) stuff there. I can go in by myself, or bring a friend. It is unique to me and I can arrange it to my liking.

I speculate that you’re definitely going to have a place to keep those legacy items in, although I suppose it could just be the HoM again.

Player housing in Runes of Magic is a cash cow. You’re given an instance, your house, at level 10, and a storage chest to put in it. You can buy basic furniture to decorate your house for relatively cheap amounts of gold. If you want furniture that gives you bonuses though, to experience or talent points, you have to buy it with cash. Extravagant decorations? Crafting equipment? More storage? Cash, cash, cash. Sound like a good way for Arenanet to make money?

Anet is all over instancing things, from storyline, to dungeons, and zones, what’s to stop them from making player housing exactly?

As for other Flameseeker speculation, I’m not too convinced. Showing art of Elona or Dhuum during a professional presentation on Art Design doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I personally doubt Dhuum will ever appear in GW2, and it sounds from the interview with Dociu like they haven’t thought much about Elona or Cantha.



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