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AikaI figured I’d definitively write about the similarities between the two and then be done with the topic forever.

Guild Wars has a pretty serious flaw. Not being able to jump, or run, or swim, really limits your range of movement. It’s a great game, and I won’t bother defending it, it doesn’t need me to, but I think it could have been even more successful if you could have been bouncing over those hillsides, or jumping off those cliffs.

Unfortunately, anyone looking to profit from the success of Guild Wars and copy their basic setup, probably has not learned what Anet already has.

The jumping flaw continues in Aika, and although they cover it up pretty well, with a semi-sorta jump, not having a z axis still sucks.

The other major similarity Aika has with Guild Wars is that GW had multiple districts it would randomly set you down in, and all instanced content. The benefit being it’s a lot cheaper and easier to run. What Aika has done, has made those districts into nations for PvP purposes, and made their world much more open.

The armours are kind of similar. There’s a lot of detail put in. They look slick and non-cartoony (except when they look very anime influenced) which is what GW generally went for. They also went for diversity, and you won’t find any of that in Aika, all Warlocks are stuck with the same Warlock armour. Although I suppose diverse armour mostly comes in GW’s end game.

Both games have 6 professions (at launch) and 1 race to choose from. The customization options both aim for a kind of prettiness in both games. No sliders, you choose presets.

In Aika, the Prams, the skill system, quest system, and mod system are taken from some place else or improvised. Skills are upgraded at an NPC with skill points and you’re never lacking skill points. In GW the selection of skills is bought from a wide variety. The combat system would be too hard to ripoff without anyone noticing. However the ease of use seems familiar. I can hit one skill and have it repeat until the mob is dead in Aika, while it’s extremely clicky in Guild Wars.

I still haven’t checked out PvP or the instances, so it makes it hard to comment on. The PvP can supposedly have hundreds on each side fighting one another in Aika, while 12v12 was the largest you would see in GW. In both games you’re rooted to the spot while completing skills, Any time you’re standing in one spot firing off spells and that’s basically it… that’s not good PvP. Although I’m sure there’s plenty of people who love it.

In summary, clearly there’s new mechanics at work here, but the similarities are too big to ignore completely. As for which is the better game, well that’s all a matter of opinion but it’s Guild Wars. Guild Wars is the better game.


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