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March 20, 2010 at 8:02 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 3 Comments
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NcSoft has had some pretty serious problems with account hacks, RMT, and other security issues over the past several months, and I guess the video below was the result.

Lot of video posts lately here, more to come if they ever fix the sound on the part 2 of that concept art video.

Anyway, although it is lame, preachy, and not particularly awesome in any way, I do think it was a great idea. How people could possibly be unaware of the risks of buying gold at this point is beyond me, but apparently they’re out there.

How do people think they get hacked anyway? Pure brute force attempts? It’s phishing, obvious passwords, telling people your account name or email address, buying gold or getting power-leveled, and generally being careless.



  1. It is my belief that in general, even those people to swear 6 ways from Sunday that they’ve never bought gold, visit shady sites, etc. have probably slipped up and been careless without realizing it. Maybe even through a UI mod they thought was safe etc.

    • yeah my cynical nature leads me to believe the same thing usually, however, a couple friends of mine from RoM who left to play Aion, got hacked in aion. i know one doesn’t have the money to buy gold, and the other I doubt would. weird that they both got hacked though.

      • Aion had some serious security issues a while back though…I think their actual website was hacked, I don’t remember the story. I just know that with that particular case it might not necessarily have been the players’ faults.

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