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AikaI’m playing around in Aika without having done any research before hand. Therefore all the lore, some of the game mechanics, and plenty of quests just make no sense.

The word ‘barbarian‘ originates from the way the civilized Greeks interpreted the foreign languages of the people surrounding their empire. They were barbarians because whenever they spoke, all Greeks could hear was “bar bar bar bar”. The same way in modern times most English speakers would hear “Blah blah blah” when listening to other languages.

That’s all I’m reading in Aika. Just blah blah blah with no explanation as to what the terms being used are. I don’t have a problem with inventing new words to describe a class, a people, a magical ore, a military rank, a mystic sage, whatever. Just explain to me what it is at some point.

I got a quest and it went something like this. “Oh Hunter, you’re that new blahblah, I’m the blahblah around blahblah, Your training in blahblah must have been strenuous” at which point I started to intentionally skip through the quest text. And I like reading quest text.

I actually kind of enjoy Aika’s dialogue system. It’s more of a conversation. You aren’t given a text menu and scroll down to read through it, you talk back and forth with the quest giver. There’s even a little personality put into these conversations. Granted the dialogues go on a bit long, but that’s true of many video games.

In an MMO it’s kind of worse though, virtually every quest you’re ever going to have in an MMO is the same thing, go kill 10 rats, fedex something, collect something, kill boss x, talk to someone, or some combination of these. I don’t need to read through 2 minutes of text for that kind of boring tedium. I guess that’s hypocritical. On the one hand I want great story, lots of lore, world building writing. On the other, I want short concise quest delivery.

You can talk to a lot of NPC’s too, but it won’t lead to anything. It’s just a conversation you have giving background information about that NPC, that’s fine, but they’re kind of pointless and boring. I am never happy with anything. I just realized that.

It would be helpful to know what some of this nonsense is at some point. I’ve got 4 hours in here and haven’t witnessed an explanation as to what the nations are exactly. Something to do with PvP I think.

This is where having your own licensed game comes in handy. None of that useless “explaining your lore” crap. If you’re a Star Wars fan playing a Star Wars mmorpg, there’s no time wasted trying to figure out what Jedi are. I don’t have to ask in chat, “Hey guys, what’s the force? How do I use it?” No barbar, they’d already be speaking my language.



  1. Hmm, I had the same kind of problem with Aion. Beautiful graphics, fun quests, good combat…but when it comes to story/lore, I was just flat out lost. I felt no connection to the game world or any of the characters at all. As a result, my entire experience felt hollow and unsatisfying.

    I’m glad you’re writing up your experiences with Aika. I’m actually sitting on a beta key and I’ve had the game client downloaded to my computer for weeks now, and just never really bothered to take a look. What do you think, despite the lack of explanation into the game world. Worth a look still?

  2. I’m not %100 sure yet, but I’m gonna say no. I don’t think I’ve experienced one moment of actual fun yet. supposedly the pvp can be massive and fun, so maybe i’ll level up until i can do that, but as of right now, i am not hooked.

    • Well, thanks for the insight (no pun intended). Many others have said similar things as you about Aika, and I’m not big on PvP, so I guess I’ll go right ahead and just uninstall the client from my PC.

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