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clone warsBioware’s website for Star Wars: The Old Republic is pretty extensive. There’s developer blogs, trailers, concept art, each planet is detailed with screenshots, concept art, and a little video, and each class is detailed with screenshots, concept art, and 3 mini videos. There’s information on lore, setting, factions. There’s a tie-in novel in the works. They’ve even got a comic book. They’ve been updating the site regularly for something like 6 months now. The game doesn’t even come out until next year.

They must be spending a crap ton of money on the website alone. I guess that’s reasonable considering who’s backing the game.

Arenanet’s website for Guild Wars 2 is much more humble. There’s the news area with links to interviews about GW2. There’s the 2 trailers, information on the tie-in novel, the art book, a FAQ, and a run-down of the 5 races. There’s quite a bit of amazing concept art. I just noticed there’s no Voices of Tyria video, why wouldn’t that be available straight from the site? Anyway that’s about it, the site rarely gets updated. The game releases vaguely around the same time as SW:TOR.

I’m not criticizing Anet, I’m just pointing out the different approaches. Bioware is just plain throwing money at the marketing problem. I can’t deny what they’ve done is more impressive than Anet. However, what exactly is Bioware going to have to show for itself closer to it’s release? That said, how come Arenanet hasn’t released half as much information as Bioware?

Well, I’ve got a year to see what happens. I imagine Anet will throw most of it’s marketing up much closer to release in a short burst of info. Bioware I can only imagine petering out at closer to launch, what are they going to have left to show us?



  1. I’m sure SWTOR will have a ton of stuff to reveal closer to release. I’ve been following the devs on the website week by week, and really, not much has been shown yet. For example, little to nothing is still known about PVP, crafting, end game, character customization, the list goes on. They haven’t even revealed any playable races yet, which is what I’m personally most excited about seeing.

    They love to tease, with some of the weekly updates being lighter than others (fan fridays, new comic installment, developer blog, etc) and no doubt they are saving up the bigger stuff for the convention circuit or when it gets closer to time of release.

  2. I don’t know. They’ve got a year to stretch this out over, I just think they started too early.

  3. I’m still confident they’ll have plenty of stuff 🙂 Like, I don’t even think they’re done with the planets yet.

    It might feel like Bioware has given a lot of updates, but really, much of the “good stuff” revealed was from the end of last year (the dev walkthroughs, class spotlights, etc.) What they’ve revealed so far this year has been mostly fluff, and they know it. The community manager on the forums has come out every once in a while to tell us things like not to expect anything big for the next few weeks.

    They can pretty much milk this out forever with their tiny Friday updates if they want to. And that’s all right, I guess. While I admit it can get pretty frustrating (because sometimes it just makes me wish this game was out RIGHT NOW lol) I still appreciate Bioware for giving us these regular updates, as small and insignificant as some of it is. They know the fans will keep following.

    I predict when release approaches, that’s when their marketing department will go all out with actual real information.

  4. I’m not overly worried about it, but if you think about it, do you really want them milking this out for a year? how irritating is that going to be?

  5. Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, it’s already getting a little irritating…but I’m gonna keep feeding off the hype like a lost little puppy because Bioware pretty much has me wrapped around their little finger 😛

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