How To Be A Jerk In Runes Of Magic

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villainNot long before I quit playing Runes of Magic, I discovered I had a much more well known reputation than I had previously realized. I only occasionally spoke in world chat and didn’t engage in trade often. I kept to myself in zone chat unless someone was being a total tool. I was nice when I did speak, especially to newbies in lower level zones. Or at least I thought so.

One day after returning from Heart of the Ocean to Boulderwind Village, I happened across a /say conversation between a lot of the more elite crowd. Nobody on the level of the top two guilds on the server, but many amongst the next few good guilds. They seemed to be talking about various people and their attitudes. I thought nothing of it and went to my house.

Some of my guildies were close enough to hear the conversation and quickly got my attention in vent.

“Oh Hunter, somebody doesn’t like you”.
“These guys are talking about you in say chat”
“Who? Where?”
“These guys in Boulderwind”
“What’d they say?”
“They said something like “Some people in this game are awesome at this game and fun to play with, and some people are really good at this game but are terrible people” and then someone else said “Yeah, like Hunter” and a few people agreed with him”
“That is hilarious.”

I have had precious little contact with most of the people who had participated in that conversation, especially the person who mentioned me specifically, lets call him Merchant. I’m definitely a bit of a smartass at times, and if I see someone being a tool, I let them know they’re being a tool, I’m pretty sure that’s where that rep came from, but Merchant is different.

The guy bought his gold from the auction house and spent it all on top of the line gear. He had never been inside an instance as far as anyone could tell, and yet he sure thought he was king ape. Every time someone tried to sell something in world chat, whether it was for his class or not, whether he actually wanted to buy it or not, he would message you and ask how much. Every time. He never once bought anything from me, and he was kind of a dick about the prices I quoted, making fun of me or even swearing at me because my prices were too high (purposefully, for negotiating) and believe me, you get sick of that really quick.

One day I was selling some gear straight off the final boss in HoTo, a boss not everyone could do at the time, and he wanted the mod but not at the price I was quoting. So I said “Go kill Medusa then” because you know, he couldn’t. I was pretty fed up with him. I shouldn’t have to argue over the value of a piece of gear that virtually nobody can get their hands on.

One of the other people in the /say conversation and I had had an incident with as well, lets call him Emodude. During a particularly lame Friday night moderator hosted event, (come find me and I’ll give you stuff!) we were getting spammed with mod world chats. Pretty much the entire server was annoyed by this. There’s multiple problems with the Mod events, they’re boring, only one person can win, the rewards aren’t great, it’s over inside 10 minutes and I suppose I could go on.

But the main problem, at least at the time, was the constant spam that you could not avoid. Quickly, most of the smart ass types on the server started making comments in world chat about the spam. This provoked a none too friendly response from the moderator. I think you can guess what happened from here, even more people responded and complained, zone chat lit up, it was quickly 10x worse.

I had added a few mostly benign comments. I seriously didn’t want to get involved but when someone leaves themselves open for a joke, it’s hard to resist. Unfortunately, the mod made yet another negative comment, threatening to leave and then threatening to no longer have mod events on the server.

Anybody who has ever been on the internet should at least be vaguely aware that trolls exist in great numbers. That statement brought them all out, daring the mod to follow through on his promise. At this point, I made two critical comments on how immature the mod was acting, and a satirical comment on his behaviour. Shortly after this, I’m sure having nothing to do with me, the mod left.

I was quickly messaged by several people both in support and criticizing my comments. I responded to some, but took particular notice of Emodude. He was caps locking it. Blaming me entirely for the mess that had just happened, he was furious that I had pointed out the mods unprofessionalism and was deeply worried we wouldn’t have any more events on our server. He called me names, freaked out, and generally gave me some good laughs. We never quite got along after that. Especially when the mod logged in the next Friday night to tell us we were being punished for the previous week.

After my guildie informed me of the conversation, I left my house and noticed the conversation must have taken a quick turn in the 30 seconds since I had run by. I was disappointed, and I won’t deny pretending to leave, going stealth, and returning to see if they would continue to talk about me or anyone else behind their backs.

Nobody ever thinks of themselves as the villain. Hell, maybe I am a jerk, I don’t know. Yet I don’t think I am. I make funny comments, I do nice things. I don’t tolerate dbags being dbags to people. Does that make me a jerk?

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