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ten thingsGuild Wars 2 Guru has gotten the go ahead to put some questions together for an interview I assume they’re going to email to Arenanet. They’ve put up a thread asking people what they’d like to know and they’re going to use the 10 best questions they find in their email. Fair enough.

What I noticed though was just how bad some of these questions are. I don’t understand what people are thinking. You have a chance to get answered some of the fundamental questions about an eagerly anticipated game, and you want to ask about the lore or what the best place to hang out is? It doesn’t help that some of these questions make up the bulk of the fail threads at that forum, so on some level I hope they’re asked and answered so I don’t have to read through those threads when I go there.

I figured that I’d take the liberty to distinguish between a good question and a bad one. Also maybe I’ll answer some of these burning questions about Guild Wars 2 for the questioners.

I think I’ll address lore questions as a whole first. Wait until the effing game comes out. We do not need to know the entire plot line before I’m even playing the game. Leave it alone. I don’t need to know the name of the little Asura in the blue armour in the 5th screenshot 5 Asura from the right. Neither do you.

Let’s get to the more specific questions.

Are there going to be caps on skills? example: 50 damage for every foe(max 130).damn hate this bloody caps and all the caps anet used in gw1.

Really this just seems like a comment on your personal pet peeve, but I’m glad your vying for one of the 10 questions we get so that we can all know whether or not your personal pet peeve is going to be addressed in GW2.

What will the interface looks like ?

The interface? Seriously? Well it’s going to be butt ugly and impossible to use. It’s not going to be customizable, and you won’t be able to use add-ons. It’s also going to be radically different from modern MMO’s in that it will be very similar to the windows 3.1 interface with artistic touches that remind the senses of art deco with a hint of dadaism.

How long is one in-game hour?

*facepalm* My facepalm emote does not quite cover how disappointing this question is. Numerous people asked about how long the day/night cycle will be. It makes me want to scream out, “Who the f cares?!” and then collapse into a ball of tears. I’m not an expert in game design, I know nothing about it. One thing I do know is, if you’re going to have something like a day/night cycle, it will only be so long as to make sure each person experiences it fully at some point no matter where you live. It’s just common sense. I explained that. I can’t believe I had to explain that.

Will monsters respawn in persistent areas?

Forums are an interesting place. You meet all sorts of people but they all have one thing in common whether they are young or old, male or female, hardcore or casual, pvpers or pveers, they’re all brain dead.

Are there any mechanics to instill a sense of community in the servers?

How are players made aware of ongoing events?

How does ArenaNet intend to run Guild Wars 2 as a service instead of just a product?

Ravious of Kill Ten Rats fame suggested the above questions. You are KILLING ME Ravious! You’re better than this. Tears literally came to my eyes when I saw this. You know better. Service instead of a product? You don’t think the original Guild Wars provided enough of a service with the skill updates, expansions, events, bug fixes, small content updates? Or you think Guild Wars 2 is somehow not going to follow logically in GW1’s footsteps? How are players made aware? I’m thinking eyes, and at most, either a local dialogue message or system message. You know like in every other MMO in existence. You’ve played those right? Finally while I agree that community is an important issue when it comes to GW2, (GW1 certainly lacked in this area) don’t you think this was addressed (although not in detail) when they mentioned people would be spending more time in specific worlds? Ravious I love you. You’re the only blogger I can think of that blogs regularly about Guild Wars/2 But you deserve my polite condemnation for not asking better questions.

Ive read that the day/night circle will be shorter than 12h. Are you going to include lore about the planetary rotations that explain this?

Like I said, multiple people asked about the day/night cycle, but this question deserves extra ridicule. Planetary rotations? Ok copernicus, why don’t you wait til the game releases and spend your time staring at the night sky to figure this one out.

How will crafting in GW2 differ from the first game?

There wasn’t any crafting in GW1. So I’m guessing the change is that there will be crafting.

Is the title “Legendary Defender of Ascalon” worth the time? (reward any good?)

This guy actually admitted his question was lame, so I give him credit for that, but it would have taken so little effort to make this question worth while. Like “Have you decided how titles will come into play?” or “When will we know more about what titles from GW1 do for us in GW2?” Instead he just focuses on the one title he himself is interested in.

How will players be able to enter underwater worlds?

I’m just going to go ahead and say swim. You swim in. Swim.

If there is a waterfall,is it going to be a cave entrance behind it and other secret places like that,so people can explore and find new places. In the cave it could be a evil gang of asuras that you must kill,when they are killed you find a map piece 1/3 and then you have to get the other map pieces and when you have all,you have to show the leader of the asura to get a reward.(Its a mix of Quest and Event system)

Dude! That sounds awesome bro! Oh and don’t forget to take your ritalin.

What is the name of the Deep Sea Dragon?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

I wasn’t going to say anything more than that. One of my few classy responses. But the number of people asking this same question is insane! What is wrong with you people.

Could you elaborate how Zhaitan wants to destory all life on Tyria (by ritual/magic, object, using his legions and armadas of undead or in another way)?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

What percentage of game is already finished?

What percentage of these questions are god awful?

That’s all the questions I can stand to make fun of in one day. My apologies to anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humour. It just irks me that people in forums want the game shaped to their tiny corner of the world with their tiny detail orientated ideas addressed. A lot of people play this game, and if they just had patience maybe we could get some of the actual important questions answered.

How is the skill system going to be changed if there are going to be fewer skills?

How is the server system going to work to hopefully create a better sense of community?

Will there be a damn auction house like the community has been begging for since beta of GW1?

What will each title do, so that I can figure out which ones I want to work on before GW2 actually comes out?

The above questions are broader, or more useful. They leave room for answers that won’t be 5 word sentences, and that the developers can elaborate upon. “How long will the day/night cycle be?” “2 hours.” See what I’m saying? I am definitely tempted to put together a satirical top ten questions not to ask, and then ask Regina Buenaobra if I can actually get them answered.



  1. Will there be a damn auction house like the community has been begging for since beta of GW1?
    Why would you ask such a silly short question, if you really would like to know if there is an auction house you could better ask:

    Will there be an auction house, and if so, how will it work in GW2?

    What will each title do, so that I can figure out which ones I want to work on before GW2 actually comes out?

    They’ve told thousands of times that HoM info would be closer to the release, and today martin has stated that HoM info would be this year, and we would not need to wait long. Asking such a question is a waste of the question.
    Come up with better ones if you’ve got critism on other people.

  2. Whether or not theres an auction house is information that is in my opinoion much more sought after by many more people than most questions. how the auction house works is irrelevant, because most MMO auction houses work relatively the same way.

    When the question will be answered wasn’t really a concern of mine, I don’t really know what kinds of questions they’re going to be answering, I was just commenting on the fact this is one answer that people could actually use.

    but thanks for the feedback.

  3. “Will there be a damn auction house like the community has been begging for since beta of GW1? ”

    People may be asking for it, but come on, do you really expect them to ask a question phrased as poorly as that?

    And also, you said this was a bad question: “Are there any mechanics to instill a sense of community in the servers?”

    The above question is almost exactly like this one: “How is the server system going to work to hopefully create a better sense of community?”


    But I agree with you on the fact that a lot of the questions are too specific.

  4. Well you are right here, but I was trying to be funny in both cases. I will admit it isn’t very funny, but there is little I can do about that.

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